The Technoman Cometh

Homo Optimus, the new technoman of human evolution cometh according to Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson and his ilk. Apparently the technology is coming very soon, and by 2050, you could be an android, or a part-android and part-human hybrid, giving you the ability to talk to machines and become digitally immortal. We can evolve into that new species called Homo Optimus. Even your pets can be modified so you can interface with them and know their innermost thoughts. I am sure we all want our pets, who see our best behavior, to be able to share that. Well, at least now we have a new source of future Christmas presents for those difficult to buy for every year.

Why on Earth would someone want all their thoughts and memories digitized and then placed into an android, no longer being totally human? I don’t EVEN want some of my more colorful thoughts digitized, and available for some enterprising hacker to access them for plastering all over the future internet, or future archaeologist’s poking through my innermost deviant thoughts. They might not want to open that can of worms.

Or better yet, you can even have some of your body parts fused into part of an android for that can opener look. Do I now have the ability to become a walking, talking kitchen appliance? I just can’t wait to see the service contract for this one.  What if I get caught in the rain and short out? What if my batteries die and I am stuck out on the street somewhere alone, without a socket to plug into. If somebody salvages me, am I their property now?  If I am immortal, will I have to work at my job forever, and never retire? And can I keep my current spouse forever and forever and forever and forever? Oh boy!

Questions for future legislators and attorneys I guess.

Immortality seems to be appealing on the surface but the underside of that ability raises a lot of uncomfortable questions. If we have a population of over 8 billion people on Earth now, and no one dies, then the world population will skyrocket exponentially.  We’ll be walking all over each other before long and getting our wires all tangled up. That not an appetizing thought. Which brings up what will we eat and drink? Motor oil smoothies and silicon salads? I can’t wait to see the fast food franchises.

Even today technology has become a daunting task-master and we have become hopelessly addicted to it. When you lose your cable service now, and do not have channels to peruse or internet capability, you are inadvertently thrust into a modern dark-age. You find yourself temporarily lost in a pre-1990’s world of ignorant savages, and reduced to a personal information deprived anarchy. And they want me to tie myself into that hell forever? Pull the other one!

I may be a relic of the past when it comes to the dizzying advances of modern technology, but my plain ole biological logic circuits are still pretty solid and I’ll have to pass on the possibility of living forever. I am not scared

of physically leaving the trials of this world, and am not afraid to take the next step into the grave, and the belief of what’s beyond. I think I’ll keep what little is left of my complete human dignity and just rely on the legacy I created, good or bad or ugly, as a complete human being called a Homo Sapiens.

You can keep your machine provided immortality while you look for a suitable plug to go sit on.



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