The Stock Market Vs. Roulette Wheel

I don’t know diddly-squat about the stock market. I have never had enough extra money to seriously invest in anything except everyday necessities. Plus I find it repulsive to pay exorbitant fees to someone else in a brokerage firm to invest my money for me. If I can’t understand it, do it myself and then take responsibility for it myself then I am not going to trust someone else to do it for me.  And reading any article or treatise about investing and market disclosures, is cloaked in econo-babble and percentage-ese that only broker linguists and money-launderers can understand. To me, it’s safer going to the Roulette Table in Las Vegas and paying somebody a percentage to gamble my money away.

But when I read the news and see statements like “the first eight days of 2016 was the Dow Jones worst start to the year in history”, I become seriously worried. The stock market of recent times doesn’t have the most reliable track record to fall back on. In fact, the track record of the 20th Century has been chaotic and unreliable. It is splattered with a major depression and several brutal recessions.

Why should I be worried you ask? I have no money in the stock market. Yes, but my whole economic world revolves around what happens worldwide in stocks and trading. If the dollar drops in value then my spending ability drops with it, or goes away altogether. And that gets anyone’s intensive attention. And what if the bottom of the economy does drop out? Then I am involuntary thrust back into a barter society that existed during the Bronze Age, or even further.

The way I understand it, whole word economy is built upon a fragile house of cards. Money is basically a piece of paper that we receive, and trust others to believe, has some intrinsic value based on the backing of a standard such as gold or silver or other commodity. As long as you and I enter into a trade deal believing I am giving something in value, and you are receiving something of equal value, we have a deal. But if someone believes my piece of paper is worthless, then they are not going to accept it and I will have to do without it, or go to extremes to possess that item.

Now there is not enough gold, and silver, and other precious commodities on this planet to come anywhere near backing the currencies of the world’s economies, which is not very comforting. Which then gets you into the world of the petrodollar, the bitcoin and other schemes and devices which is even more confusing and unreliable to the layperson who doesn’t understand any kind of stockmockery, high finance or world economics. The value of money is simply an economic theory based upon our acceptance of it. And they realistically want us to invest in the stock markets because we have been indoctrinated since birth that paper currency is valuable, and is the only economic system that we have ever known.

Now China, the worlds second biggest economy, is on the verge of collapse and the price of oil, which propels the petrodollar, is dropping to historic lows. The house of cards is definitely on a shaky table today. And when one domino falls, they all fall.

Well Mr. Broker and Mr. Stock-seller and Mr. Businessman and Mr. Banker and Mr. Government Official, I’ll just keep my questionable paper money in my wallet. I know that regulations that were put in place in the United States after the Great Depression of 1929, to avoid another major depression, have been watered down or done away with entirely. I don’t have to listen to conspiracist propaganda to know that the great crash of 2008 was a direct result of that, and the band-aids and chewing gum you put on the hemorrhage to remedy that has had very little or no effect.

Winston Churchill once stated in a wartime speech “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”  I think this was prophetic. This statement is as much, or more relevant today in the economic communities, than it was then during the London Blitz, as the world markets fluctuate and spasm in possible death throes. And I don’t know if there is very much we can d

o about it at this junction.

I can tell you this. I will go to Vegas and bet on red or black,  odd or even, by myself, on the Roulette Wheel before I put my pennies in the current stock markets. I’ll get better odds and immediate loss or gain, instead of it slowly wasting away through broker fees, and daily dwindling values into oblivion.

If your going to gamble, do it right.





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