The Steak of the Onion Dress and the Crippled Duck

Grandpa? What is the steak of the onion dress and a crippled duck?  The last question a grandfather wants to explain to an 8 year old, as he desperately tries to recall failing memories of high school civics or Political Science 101.  Well darling, the State of the Union Address is a speech the President of our country gives once a year to highlight the things he did this past year while in office. And a lame duck is a President is a person who has either lost a recent election or is not eligible for reelection and is just marking  time until leaving office.

Then you just leave it.

You never want to tell a child all of the truth sometimes. You really want to say the State of the Union Address is when the President tries to put makeup and perfume on a pig so it doesn’t look and smell like a pig.  And a lame duck President just desperately tries to get through all the legislation he hasn’t been able to in his past term(s), because nobody believed it was worthwhile to begin with, or because he didn’t have enough political muscle to see it through or because both political are so polarized in their platforms that no one can see eye-to-eye what’s best for the country as a whole.

Well, President Obama tried to slather tons of makeup and gallons of foo-foo all over his swine in this last State of the Union Address. He is a good speaker, I’ll give him that, but good speech writers and a smooth delivery doesn’t make for good truth. And lets be brutally honest, Obama has been a weak President who has really accomplished very little in the eight years he’s been in office. Anything significant was done through the lazy way by Executive Order, which can be done away with by the stroke of the pen by a new President, rather than solid legislation passed by law makers which endures. And as far as Osama Bin Laden is concerned, Obama just happened to be in office when he was found and executed. Don’t parade that popcorn around too much.

I am not going to try and regurgitate the contents of the crippled ducks speech. Every media outlet in the civilized world will be doing that.  I want to concentrate on the hypocrisy of the need for this particular address, by itself.

I watched the State of the Union Address. I really wasn’t expecting much to begin with but everybody likes a good show .I anxiously anticipated Ruth Bader-Ginsburg nodding-off to sleep. I watched the First Lady wearing a designer dress and flashing her toothy smile, hugging and slapping sycophants on the back. I watched the political invitees sitting proudly, graciously being strategically placed in the galleries and flaunted as success stories, or failures, by the parties. Who applauds enthusiastically ,and who doesn’t, at the pregnant interludes of rhetoric.

Then after the speech when the Majority leaders and the Minority Leaders and the Whips and the government hacks and the press secretaries and the media consultants and on and on; all dribbling their opinions of what the President said or didn’t say. A great circus of hot air and  political acrobatics that would make any Cirque de Soleil performer proud.  I realistically expected nothing less or nothing more. America is great because of US, or America is on the skids because of THEM.

Well, I hate to rain of their parades but America is, and will continue to be great because of her people, not because of the Republican or Democratic Parties. Her people are the great asset. If we have a war, it’s the American citizen who fights it. If we have to tighten our belts in a recession, it’s the American citizen who does without. If we have a loss of face in other countries, it’s the American citizen who must endure it in their travels.

If America has any problems, it is mostly because her bi-partisan government officials are mostly the direct cause of it. They can’t play together and do what is best for the country overall. We, as American citizens, have to endure and tolerate clownish officials as they push their own agendas down our throats and then have the audacity every year in the State of the Union circus to parade, and posture, to try and make us buy into it.

And no one should ever use this spotlight to make veiled attacks on opposition party candidates. If you can’t flaunt what you accomplished the past year, then don’t use the venue as a way of denigration to the next clowns in the other party that

may be in the next center ring.

I sincerely predict that history will not be kind to the Barak Obama presidency a hundred years from now. Other than being the first black President, very little was accomplished at all during it. He will not be a Millard Fillmore or Franklin Pierce,  but he will be nowhere close to an Abraham Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt.

The sauce on the duck is tasteless, and just not there.



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