The Rise and Fall of Martin Shkreli

There is good news out there making it way around the world. One of the media branded “greediest men alive” has been brought down a peg or two. The infamous Martin Shkreli. Just who is Martin Shkreli you ask. He’s the kid that founded, and was the short-time CEO, of Turin Pharmaceuticals AG. He’s the greed-meister that obtained the manufacturing licence for the antiparasitic drug  known as Daraprim and raised it’s price by 5,556 per cent (from $13.50 to $750.00) a tablet. Daraprim is is a medication used for protozoal infections. It is commonly used as an antimalarial drug (for both treatment and prevention of malaria), and to assist in the treatment of HIV-positive individuals.It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic health system.  

The sad part is, if he would have raised it 200 or 300 per cent, nobody would have probably batted an eye.

Give’s you total confidence in the business of pharmaceuticals doesn’t it. This is just one of the most blatant cases in history of greed running rampant, that we know about. The pharmaceutical companies have always had their greedy fingers around our throats when it comes to the drugs we take. They have a huge lobbying syndicate influencing our elected officials, giving gifts and kickbacks and generally controlling our health. Shkreli is just their poster child who went too far, too fast.

Now here is the stinger to the whole matter. He wasn’t arrested for kiting the price of a drug that will help millions around the world, he was clipped for securities fraud from his ponzi scheme business practices. If you look into his past dealing, the guy would make the gangsters of the Prohibition Era proud. Rob Peter to pay Paul was his motto. He specialized in the pharmaceutical industry because thats where the big money fraud is. And he is just a little fish in that vast ocean.

Supposedly, if one of us poor, old normal citizens developed a drug in our garage that could benefit mankind as a whole, that would destroy all illness forever, then we would most likely make that drug available to the masses, cheaply as possible, as we picked up our Nobel Prize, and our place in history as one of mankind’s great benefactors. We do not dwell in the seedy world of profit that drives the medical and pharmaceutical companies.

As we now are forced to carry exorbitant medical insurance and extravagant drug plans just to get basic care, the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies are getting fat at our expense. When is somebody in the Congress, and the justice system, going to look at the system overall and say “No more! We have had enough!” We want health care for all so we can all be healthy, and live long and prosper.  Free health care and drugs subsidized by the government. Uh oh, then we are tap-dancing on the landmine of Socialism and we can’t have that manifesto bandied about.

So silly, immature, greedy, little Martin Shkreli will be thrown on the altar of the justice system and crucified for doing what the medical and pharmaceutical companies have been doing to us for a long time now. 

n style="line-height: 1.5;">Thomas Jefferson once said “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

Well, I guess we have to start somewhere.