And With The Whole World Watching

The Republican’s race for their parties presidential nomination has now officially become a three-ring circus of clowns, posers and buffoons. Donald Trump has literally turned this arena into one of the most humiliating and embarrassing events for the American people in our illustrious, and sometimes dubious, history. Too much of a crass television personality underhanded businessman and not enough savvy polished politician. In fact Trump, Cruz and Rubio have all worked hard to become the new three stooges of modern politics. It’s like watching adolescent boys try to out shout each other in a “Yo Mama is so fat…” schoolyard pissing match. And to bring up hand size in direct relation to penis size is unbelievable in a serious political debate. Absolutely unbelievable! Doesn’t the Republican candidates realize that the entire world is watching this farce unfold and that they are a direct reflection of us? We are becoming the laughing stock of the globe based on their infantile immaturity, and the real battle for the Presidential election hasn’t even started yet.

I have said before and I will say it again: Donald Trump is the most dangerous person to ever run for the Presidency of the United States of America. And if he is elected, we will have nothing but chaos and confusion and turmoil during his term. What little international prestige we have left will be totally extinguished by his inexperience and his antics. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are light-weight politicos punching way above their class, and it shows. Neither is Presidential material. John Kasich doesn’t even seriously count as a player in the game. And the GOP debate in Detroit again shows once again that the Republican Party has degenerated into an antiquated entity who has lost touch with modern reality. Their rogue elephant Trump is plowing his way over the rest of the candidates, and the Party itself, like a drunken sailor in a brothel. And he is going to be their candidate for the general election in November. This joke is now officially out of control, and no one is going to be laughing soon…but the whole world will be watching.

Then the Democrats have their mouthy prima-donna Hillary Clinton sharpening her fangs, and you know she will be relentless berating the Republican contender. She is so confident and full of herself, it is nauseating. I had hoped Bernie Sanders would come from behind and be the proverbial underdog taking away the crown from this unethical prom queen, but I don’t think he will muster the momentum to do it. Too bad, it would have been glorious watching  Clinton’s shady career go down the political toilet.

Soon the two party hopefuls will begin fighting with each other for the highest office itself, and the whole world will continue to watch the debacle as Trump and Clinton go at each other in a vicious toe-to-toe slugging match. You know they will too. If they can vilify and destroy their own party members for the nomination of their party, what do you think will happen when the whole enchilada is on the line? The head of the most powerful nation in h

istory and the leader of the free world will come down to a vote between two egocentric megalomaniacs who are so power hungry they will willingly pervert their honor, stifle their self-respect and do anything they can to win. And the media will be loving it as that are sitting on the sidelines, drinking the kool-aide during the whole thing. How humiliating it will be for us, the American citizen.

And the whole world will be watching.


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