The Reek of Cologne

When are male Syrian and Pakistani migrants to Germany going to learn that you never disrespect the home you’ve been invited into? When you flee one country and culture to another, you had better seriously act appropriately where you have been given sanctuary.  But they just couldn’t do it, and now they are facing the wrath of the local citizens.

Now this all came to a head on New Year’s Eve in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany, where over 500 criminal complains have now been filed over events where young women were sexually assaulted, raped and robbed in the square outside Cologne’s cathedral. The City of Hamburg reports over 130 complaints have also been filed for similar New Years Eve assaults. Officials have reluctantly admitted that, according to the reports, it looks as if people with a migration background, meaning traditional Muslims, were almost exclusively responsible for the criminal acts. Yes, Pakistan and Syria are primarily Muslim countries.

Yesterday, local “hooligans, rockers and bouncers” in Cologne linked up via Facebook forming vigilante groups and went on a rampage in the streets promising an “orderly clean up” of the old town center in their “manhunt.” I don’t want to condone violence but can you blame them? The police have been trying to investigate the complaints but it is a daunting task based on the number of assaults. And if my mother or sister or daughter or aunt or cousin was subjected to this kind of assault, I WOULD be condoning violence and be out there with the hooligans, rockers and bouncers showing this sort of behavior is not going to be tolerated.

Even in America, if women walk by a group of young Muslim men, they are sometimes verbally harassed by sexual innuendo and unwanted advances, which is caused by the view and belief these men have of western women. If they are not Muslim then they are viewed as tramps and whores, and aggressive sexual behavior is therefore acceptable. Unfortunately, this same view must be held by non-Muslims as well. Men who must unconsciously feel sexually inadequate and have to show this kind of childish, criminal behavior by catcalls and unwanted sexual advances.  Bottom line: it’s not acceptable anywhere in the civilized world.

And if I were a sexually inadequate male migrant from a Muslim background or country living in  blissful sanctuary, one of the last places on Earth I would be trying to sexually assault, rape and/or rob women is in Germany. This is a country that is historically not known for playing well with others, and their feeling on race relations is very clear. The Germans are a proud, industrious people who will reach o

ut and retaliate, with great relish and sincerity, especially when they feel violated.

And a side note for the guys who took part in the New Years Eve debauchery this year, or any other degenerate who has mischief on his mind, Hitler’s autobiography and manifesto on race relations “Mein  Kampf” has started being published again after 61 years.

And again has become an almost immediate best seller in Germany.


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