The Gun Control Conundrum

Once again the Federal Government, specifically President Obama, wants to involve itself in controlling firearms in this country. Obama wants to sign an new executive order basically expanding background checks for everyone who buys a gun.  Does that include the underground, black-market gun dealer who supplies weapons to criminals or anybody else who has ill intent on their agenda. Of course not. Therefore it’s already a partially moot point. It will apply to law abiding citizens who just want a gun for hunting, home protection and personal safety. You know, legal reasons.

As always, the government continually tries to put a band-aide on a hemorrhage…but it is the wrong wound.  Now, Obama has to try to do this through executive order because the Congress will not touch the issue with a ten foot pole. They don’t even want to be in the same room when it’s being discussed. Not if they want to be re-elected anyway. The Second Amendment is very muddy in our modern society as it was written by 18th century gentlemen who never would have imagined the crop of miscreants that have emerged today.

The amendment says simply “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Conservatively, let’s say about 200 million of the citizens of this country have, and carry the right, to bear firearms. That would be approximately 8000 militia infantry divisions. That’s one of the many reasons other countries will never invade the United States, because 200 million angry, indigenous personnel can not be conquered conventionally. But I digress. We’re really not talking about gun control at all. We,re talking about events that need to be controlled.

So let’s get back to the wound that’s hemorrhaging.  It’s not controlling firearms that’s the issue here. It’s the monster that’s using the firearm to wreak havoc that’s the issue. We have to see a gun for what it is before we can see the solution. And what is a gun? A gun without ammunition is simply a club. Albeit, it’s a pretty attractive club but that’s all it is. With no projectile to discharge out of the barrel, you have a fancy conglomeration of wood and metal that would make a dandy door-stop or table leg. And thats the bottom line of it.

Now let’s look at bullets. With out a gun for them to be inserted in to, you just have some pretty, shiny, gunpowder filled knick-knacks or doo-dads that serve no purpose, except maybe to put on a fireplace mantle to look at, or serve as christmas tree ornaments. And that’s the bottom line on that.

Now let’s have a look a good ole Joe Schmoe, the average citizen. Without a gun, he’s pretty much harmless as a marauder. With a gun with no bullets, he’s could be a club wielding maniac which most people would either run away from, or take it away and beat him with it. But let’s say ole Joe has bullets in the gun. Now he would have to have the intent to use it harmfully, some sort of motive to use it harmfully, and the personal courage and determination to use it harmfully. And there is the wound that needs the bandage. The vast majority of citizens, let’s say the 99.9%, have the moral and ethical ability to not use it.

But then you have the .1%. Those people who do not have any moral or ethical ability to stop themselves from putting a shiny doo-dad in a dandy table leg and walking into a theater full of people and shooting any, and as many, random people as they can. A gun by itself can not kill anyone. A bullet by itself can not kill anyone. A bullet in a gun, alone,  by themselves, can not kill anyone. Even a person with a loaded gun in his hands can not kill anyone UNLESS he makes the critical decision to do it. But put a loaded gun in the hands of an irrational person with a foul motive, then you have an event. If you’re a mathematical geek, think of it as a triangle. Take any part of this triangle away and you no longer have the event.

So, to simplify in retrospect:

Gun equals no issue

Bullet equals no issue

Person equals no issue

Gun and bullet equals no issue.

Gun, bullet, 99.9% person equals no issue.

Gun, bullet, .1% deranged person equals possible event.

Its doesn’t take Albert Einstein to look at the equation to see where the problem lies. The focus needs to be on identifying that disturbed and unstable individual who will try to bring harm to others, no matter what weapon they have available to use. If they don’t have a gun to use, they’ll just use an axe or an ice pick or a lead pipe or anything else they can devise. Then we end up with axe control, ice pick control and lead pipe control, and on and on and so forth and so forth…but the issue still remains. Recognize the root of the equation which is the individual that perpetrates it.

And the great outside factor to complete the calculation is the media that feeds the maniac. To some, infamy is as good or better than fame. It seems that most of

the .1% have made the decision to commit suicide by cop when they go on their rampage, and the notoriety that comes with the act is just icing on their cake. With a media that survives on sensationalism, carnage makes for good copy and excellent ratings. Don’t feed the beast, and he will starve and cease to exist.

Don’t control table legs or doo-dads Mr. Government…control the  .1%.




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