The 2016 Presidential Race

Well, it’s time again for the Democrats and Republicans to put on the greatest dog and pony show on Earth. The supreme huckster P.T. Barnum couldn’t have gathered a more promising freak show of  candidates to parade in front of gullible viewers, as those that have been gathered for the 2016 Presidential race. It’s sad, bordering on pathetic.

Every 4 years we must endure this Snake Oil Medicine Show put on by the only two viable political parties that exist in this country. The media has a field day probing the very intimate details of the lives of the freaks making every skeleton in their closets rattle with fear. Then the high dollar spin doctors hired by the freaks scramble around like roaches putting their fingers in the dykes mumbling to themselves that nothing is real, bad is good, and trying to make us buy into the illusions they create. And in the end, it’s all bread and circuses.

This has happened before you know kiddies.  History does repeat itself. This carnival has most of it’s roots in the Roman Republic of antiquity. The use of bread and circuses to placate the masses, while the political aristocracy maneuver themselves into positions of power and wealth.  They have simply replaced the gladiators and chariot races of old, with football, baseball, basketball, movies, television, and on and on. Diversions renamed entertainment. Most people do not even understand the basic principles of their own governmental system, and live in the delusion that we are a hard-core democracy. We are actually a soft-core republic.

At it’s basics, true Athenian Democracy used the random selection of ordinary citizens to fill the offices of government, and the legislative assembly consisted of ALL citizens. This could work within a small city state in ancient Greece. However, it took the Romans to take that philosophy and apply it to a vast population forming the concept of republican government where power resided in elected individuals representing the citizens.  This worked for awhile for them, but soon degenerated into an aristocratic rule of the elite, and then into the monarchy of the Caesars which went on for centuries.  Our founding fathers tried to avoid this with checks and balances, but we are fast approaching the aristocratic rule stage. This is a very simplistic overview, but there is the outline of the great trap in which we live today in the United States.

We have degenerated ourselves into a 2 party republican governmental system in which, every 4 years, the Democratic Part

y and Republican Party crawl into the political boxing ring and go toe-to-toe in a slugging match to finagle the voters into placing them into overall domination of the most powerful nation in history.  The  have their eyes on the prize,  and continue to parade their thralls out into the arena for us to ogle while munching on the bread they throw at us. I am so tired of being put in the position of voting for the lesser of two evils.


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