The Sad Fall of Kanye West

It has been long in coming and is way overdue, but the sad fall of Kanye West may finally be at hand.  When you thrust yourself in the public eye, there is a certain standard that you must adhere to, or that same public will assuredly bring you down like the Hindenburg…collapsing to the ground in flames. And Kanye West has met every criteria of morphing himself into an egocentric megalomaniac as has ever been seen in modern times. It seems that historically any celebrity that shows humility, charity and compassion during their rise in the limelight will go on to achieve great success. It must be something in the human condition that wants us too see the underdog win or the lonely gather a following or the loser take defeat to a later victory. But then along comes a Kanye West who gets so wrapped up in his own celebrity that he becomes distasteful, annoying and pathetic. Like he’s striving to fill a massive void in his life that reeks of emptiness and personal failure.

Kanye West made a name for himself in the Hip-hop music scene as a producer, then later as a performer. He did very well and became quite a success winning awards and making a fortune. I do not listen to that form of music personally because I do not like it’s structure and lyrical form. That is not an attack on the music itself, as I do not care for opera or classical music either, and many others. It is a personal preference that all people have relating to their own personal appetites and perceptions. Therefore, I would probably have never heard of Kanye West until his highly publicized marriage to Kim Kardashian. At that point he jumped into the deep end of the pool of notoriety with a mighty splash. For some reason, any man who seems to become involved with a Kardashian devolves himself into personal destruction. Just look at Lamar Odom, Scott Disick and Bruce Jenner (excuse me Caitlyn). I don’t know what it is but I would avoid those women like I would a starving Great White Shark.

I think Kanye West’s illustrious spiral down the rabbit hole began when he somehow convinced himself he was a true “genius” and consistently declared it to the world.  The pure definition of genius has never been clearly defined but proclaiming yourself as one, will not and does not make you one. Being announced as a genius by your peer group and lackeys does not make you one either. If that were so,  we would all be geniuses based on our mother’s view of us. Jumping on stage during a nationally televised awards show, verbally attacking the winner and saying the choice was wrong, is just petty and small. Not the sign of a smart or savvy man much less that of a genius. Saying you are running for President of the U.S. in 2020, based on nothing but your perceived popularity, is just ego run amok and not the sign of a genius. Saying you are, or comparing yourself to Jesus Christ is just insanity and belies a more serious psychological problem.

With that kind of ego stroking, you then think you can delve into other venues to continue to keep your self-deluded genius dream alive. Like trying to become a fashion designer. Yeezy has had three years of clothing lines come out and all have been dismal critical failures in the fashion world. You can sell some of the clothes for exorbitant prices trying to start a social trend, but it has no foundation and will soon go the way of hula hoops and slinkys. Fashion is a very fickle business like that unless you are truly gifted at design.

Then declaring yourself 53 million dollars in debt and asking others for money is a veritable sign of failure as a businessman. I am sure other businessmen will want to give you their money to squander away like  wind-blown leaves off the trees. Releasing a new musical album and not allowing it to be sold except through your friend’s music company is just plain stupid.  And attacking news outlets for commenting on music based on your own racial prejudices is commercial suicide.

I actually feel kind of sorry for Kanye West. A kid with talent in a specific area, becoming so enamored with himself, that he is becoming comical and wretched in all others. But there is always the possibility of redemption. Kanye West, you know what to

do to make it right…just do it! Learn restraint. Get real again. Come down off the monument you erected for yourself and be mortal, like the rest of us. Twitter is your second worst enemy, after your ego. And modern comedic sages have given us your prophetic maxim: “You have the right to remain silent, just not the ability”.

Remember: The higher you climb, the harder the fall when you hit bottom.



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  1. Excellent post. I’ve never known the story of Kanye because I’m not into pop culture; however, your writing style and the story kept me hooked. And, now I know what I’m looking at when I see these stories flash by jn the news (laughing). Great blog.

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