The Breastfeeding Horror

This issue has become increasingly ridiculous! I am constantly seeing articles about women being berated and embarrassed for simply breastfeeding their children in public places. So we’re going to get brutally honest, draw a line in the sand and throw some stones at glass houses.

The latest happened on a United Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. The mother was publicly humiliated for doing what is natural. Why? When did feeding a child become taboo? Because some backward, sexually repressed prude thinks seeing a tit in public is going to lead to unleashed sexual anarchy and debauchery  in the streets? Now women no longer have the right to feed their child when it’s hungry? Are nursing mothers suddenly going to feed their babies and then jump naked on a pole, spinning around and dancing for dollar bills? Personally, if a woman with a baby is on a flight with me, I will be begging her to stick anything she wants in it’s mouth, if that will keep it quiet for a 6 hour flight.

Now let’s take a little trip down history’s Reality Lane again. Contrary to what some people wish to believe, we are still just a naked ape and that’s the way our female species is engineered to feed our young. Yep…we’re a modified monkey. And  since we crawled out of caves, the normal and only way to feed a baby in those ancient times, was by breastfeeding. Then throughout the following centuries, nothing much improved on natures perfect design to feed a human infant. It wasn’t until the earlier part of the 20th century that glass bottle feeding with cows milk, or breast pumping for the bottle, became en vogue when women began entering the workplace and breastfeeding wasn’t always an option. (Smoking cigarettes were also thought to be harmless and fashionable as well during this period too) Now, in the present day with all our technology, we have the nasty “formulas” and steroid modified milk available to thrust into our fragile babies systems through a plastic bottle giving them a lifetime of future illnesses and troubles that comes with that.

And to be perfectly candid, most normal heterosexual men have no problem with this issue, other than wanting to stare intently while it’s happening. We spend most of our lives wanting to “deal” with breasts. We like them. They are our little buddies and we want to play with them whenever, and wherever, possible. It’s hardwired into our psyche like breathing or eating (no pun intended). If a man does take exception it’s because his wife told him to; and no man alive is willing to rationally take on and fight that dragon. It seems to be other ladies who have the biggest problem with another woman’s breasts out in a public place. Is it insecurity? Jealously? Or just being petty. It’s not illegal, nor immoral, nor even irreligious anywhere that I know of for a woman to breastfeed a child anywhere she pleases. That’s a big dollar lawsuit just begging to be lost.

If a breast feeding woman is asked to stop, it’s usually because somebody else took offense for some subdued psychological flaw regarding decency and asked some spineless lackey in a commercial setting who doesn’t want controversy to do their dirty deed for them. It’s never direct contact. That might elicit a response from the mother which would involve insertion of a large object into sensitive orifices in the lower region.

So if a prudent mother want’s her child to have nature’s organically designed baby food whenever it’s hungry thro

ugh the apparatus that was engineered to deliver it…then get off her back! If you just can’t take the sight of another woman’s breast while feeding a baby, then go away, or look away; and then seek some desperately needed therapy. Quit trying to place immorality on a moral behavior.

Remember this: I’ll bet almost everyone has had a tit in their mouth at some point in their life.  Savvy?



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