The B61 Model 12 Boondoggle

We lucky few, the children of the Cold War, remember a time when worldwide nuclear annialiation was a realistic possibility that we faced in our everyday lives. We were locked in a face-to-face confrontation with the former Soviet Union, and it’s allies, over who would be the quickest superpower to use nuclear weapons in a first strike against the other in a war, causing a nuclear winter to cover the Earth thereby leading to the destruction of civilization as we knew it.  All us Cold War babies remember the bomb drills we occassionally conducted in classrooms, where if you saw a flash, you dropped to the floor and crawled under your desk. A fat lot of good that would have done but it was the only alternative available under the circumstances. And it wasn’t very comforting. The governments that could actually destroy the world were always in negiotiations to downsize nuclear arsenals, watching each other closely, so on and so forth, but nothing ever really materalized to any great extent.

Then with the collaspe of the Soviet Union, we all breathed a collective sigh of relief believing the nightmare would possibly be over. But both superpowers kept enough nuclear weapons as a continuing deterrant to a first strike by the other. And that’s the way things have been for the last 25 years or so. Sure, a few countries have a nuclear capability even today but not to the extent of being planet killers.The United States government has always pledged not to be the one to issue a first strike and have been smuggly proud of that stance. Although the United States has been the only power to have ever actually used nuclear weapons, and the rationale for it has been argued since.

But now the U.S. Air Force has tested the B61 Model 12 precision guided missle which is tipped with a tactical nuclear war head. Excuse me, what say?  The explosive strength of the nuclear payload can be increased, or decreased, depending on the target and the risk of collateral damage. It is designed to destroy weapons bunkers and test sites with pinpoint accuracy. And the three great monarchs of defense contractors, Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin are willing to give us the B61 Model 12 at a bargain price of $30,000,000.00 a piece. And this is just the first of a 30 year, one trillion dollar new U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal. Five more new atomic warheads are on the drawing boards.

What a deal. And for a country who wants to be the worlds moral compass and become nuclear free.

Why have them?  We don’t need these things. We can destroy the world anytime we want now, if so inclined. We have plenty of nukes. And we are surely not going to use them in any war in the future. Could you imagine world opinion if we used tactical nuclear weapons against any target.  We are supposed to be the good guys.

If memory serves, during the Iraq War the U.S. forces were bombing weapons bunkers, test sites and other targets with pinpoint accuracy using conventional weapons. I remember watching fuzzy, black and white videos on CNN of smart bombs destroying targets at will, being directed down chimneys, down stove pipes and through doorways. That’s good shooting. None of those missiles were nuclear, and did a fine job. The places were reduced to rubble. So why do we need nuclear warheads to do the same thing. Isn’t that a bit of overkill. Did someone in the defense department suddenly forget about radioactive fallout? Dead enemies are dead enemies, do they have to glow as well?

We don’t need a thous

and of the B61 Model 12  Daddy Warbucks!    I smell a big fat defense contract to someone’s company(s) who made massive contributions to someone’s campaign(s) somewhere. Someone’s lobbyist’s must have spent a fortune for this rape of the taxpayer. And please don’t piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining when we fall off the turnip wagon you think we just drove up in.

Have some respect.


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