Sea Levels Rising or Snowball Earth?

As I read the daily articles on news sites, I frequently see where the latest batch of some-kind-of-scientists are making predictions about climate change, and where we are headed on the planet. Today it was sea levels rising 10 feet by the turn of the next century. Cities will cease to exist, countries will be consumed by water and the ice at the poles will melt away. Then studies by other some-kind-of-scientists say we are headed for another ice age ending with a snowball Earth scenario where we will be buried under ice because the influx of fresh water into the salt water oceans from the melting polar snows, resulting from global warming, will interrupt the warm water conveyors which bring warm water to the polar regions currently keeping the ice at bay. Well…which is it? Is it both? Or are the scientists really not sure? There definitely needs to be a collective scientific voice on the issue and not somebody simply trying to justify their university funding until the next grant is written.

Now, I will be the first one to get up on the soapbox and declare that global warming is bad. And we, as the dominant proprietors of the world, have been spewing forth carbon dioxide and other nasty pollutants at an alarming rate since the Industrial Revolution. The weather patterns are changing for the worse and storms are getting stronger. I also agree that the world governments are not doing very much to stop it, and that if things do not change very quickly we are seeding our own destruction. But the scientific community doesn’t seem to able to get it’s communal act together and tell the people on this rock the exact way to fix it; and the time frame to do it in. We have all kinds of studies from all kinds of disciplines saying what is happening. It doesn’t take a PhD. in the geosciences to figure that out, but we do need someone with a PhD. in common sense to instruct us on a direction to go. We can’t depend on the corrupt politicians to do it or we’ll end up freezing to death on an iceberg in a tropical hurricane in Kansas.

Here’s my two cents worth of folksy philosophy: Let’s get the world’s leading scientists and climate experts together on a “rock-star” panel to decide the quickest and most effective path to follow as a planet to stop the crisis, and EVERY country MUST adhere to the panel’s recommendations in the timeframe designated, or that country’s governmental leaders must resign upon failure and allow new leadership to take over in their place immediately.

See, almost everybody who has the capability to get news reports knows something is very wrong with the climate and wants things to get better. Even elementary school children are making macaroni dioramas about that. It’s the government leaders that are failing us on a planetary scale. Sure they will get together sometimes for show and issue verbal political flatulence accomplishing nothing. But they all know it’s the big industry giants and commercial mega-conglomerates who will have to foot the bill, modify their industrial complexes and eat into their profit margins to meet standards; and they will not have that. We all know who makes the big monetary contributions to a politician’s election campaigns. If you pressure a spineless politician’s grasp on his molecular power, he’ll cave in like a Florida sinkhole and pressure the industrial sector to get it right…or get out of the business. I’d be willing to do without company X’s fuzzy bunny slippers or company Y’s super-awesome back scratcher if I knew they were not meeting the scientific global standard for pollutants. I would just purchase from company Z, who is…or do without it altogether.

So let’s get this right the first time for the last time.

A lot of these global predictions will most likely not come to fruition in some of our lifetimes, but there are children and grandchildren who may see it. And we are just letting the profit mongering industrial douchebags destroy their future through our power grubbing douchebag politicians.

Very few use douchebags anymore…something better came along.


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