Poor Little Bigfoot

It makes you wonder sometimes if, as the dominant species of vertebrate on this planet, we are really in control of it as much as we think we are. There are few locations that Homo Sapiens haven’t exerted their influence and even fewer that the impact hasn’t met with some kind of a negative effect. We are making discoveries every day in all avenues of scientific research, and are constantly inventing new ways of making life easier or more productive for our species.  But every once in awhile we get surprised by something that defies all our logic, and learning, and research and vanity. That’s why we continue to evolve and develop ourselves.

I was watching a television special about the phenomenon known as Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, and it really sparked my interest for him. This animal is a supposed species of primate that roams the wooded forests of the world, eluding researchers, but implanting itself in myth and legends of hundreds of cultures, especially in the United States. Apparently the Native American communities alone have over 80 names for this creature from their past, have acknowledged it for centuries; and it is has become an integral part of many of their belief systems.  And every continent on Earth also has enduring stories of them.

But the continuing search for the Bigfoot has revealed very little results to date. The regular scientific community, with the exception of a rare few, basically discount the reality of the Bigfoot as pseudo science and will not stake their academic reputations on the possibility of researching a hoax. They would rather spend exorbitant government funding for research about the mating life of slugs or how fish perceive the water, than on what could be the biggest anthropological discovery of this century. I’ll bet if some mega-wealthy money bags put up a big dollar reward for it’s capture, main stream academia would be stalking through the mosquito infested woods today seriously researching it, instead of sitting on their fat butts from an armchair dismissing it outright.

However, this doesn’t dissuade the armies of amateurs becoming weekend warriors of science, as they trudge through the forests banging on trees, whooping and call blasting, with their trail cameras and thermal imagers, spending their own time and monies to try and satisfy their curiosity, and the overall mystery. I am sure many are trying to vindicate their own experiences of encounters with the creature and put closure to ridicule and their own doubts. I am sure many would love to be the first to bring back actual proof of it’s existence to the world, bearing the glory and notoriety it will bring. I am sure others have their own reasons, whatever they may be.

Google Bigfoot and you get almost 21 million results referring to the subject. That’s a lot of web space devoted to something that doesn’t supposedly exist. And there is some tantalizing evidence like the Patterson-Gimlin film which has been possibly the most studied, and analyzed, since the Zapruder footage of the Kennedy assassination. You have countless other films, photographs, footprint casts, hair samples and other exhibits that claim to support it’s existence. And then there’s the eye-witness testimonies. Many people have described detailed encounters with Bigfoot, and some are hard to readily discount. How can so many reliable witnesses be so wrong? Maybe…just maybe…they’re not. Realistically, if only one person is correct, and has seen one, then you have a real, breathing, sentient animal out there somewhere that matches their description.

But then there is poor, little Bigfoot himself. If he is so elusive, I am sure he has his own reasons for not wanting to be found. If captured, he would be paraded in front of the world stage as a side-show freak and anomaly for crowds to gawk at. If you don’t think academia has a flair for theatrics, you’re fooling yourself. Whatever university   gets this peach will have funding running out of it’s ears for years to come. And the lets not forget the bloodsuckers in the entertainment industry who will be all over him like locusts, trying to cash in on the poor guy. But as much as I hate to admit it, the only way the skeptics will most likely ever be satisfied of the creatures existence, is if someone brings in a living body, or a corpse, for them to poke, prod, dissect and fawn over. I wouldn’t w

ant to be found either if that’s all I had to look forward to.

One part of me hopes he will be found and then protected from continued harassment by people wanting to pester him in his daily routine of life. Another part of me hopes he remains a mystery, lurking in the woods, hidden in the shadows. I would hate for all mysteries of the world to be solved. What’s the enjoyment in that.

We need enigmas.



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