New Start for a New Year: 01/01/16

Who am I?  Nobody important.

Why am I starting a blog?  Because I can and it promises to be entertaining.

I have lived long enough, have seen enough and participated in enough to be an unqualified expert on the silliness of this world and the ridiculously, hysterical people who live in it; especially those who have chosen to be in the eye of the public to boost their fragile egos, or had it thrust upon them by events of their own devices. It is the purpose of this venue to look at what is happening in the world around us, and poke fun at the savages who take themselves too seriously. Let’s be honest, we are all just a few thousand years from living in caves.  Hopefully, anyone who will read these comments will have a chuckle, or two, as we explore what is happening.

I am sure I will be touching on events that are not so funny and need serious reflection as to the what, where and why, it was allowed to happen. Yes, kiddies, every evil thing that has happened in this world was ALLOWED to happen by someone, somebodies and/or some entity. We will be exploring those issues as well.

Let us rejoice in our recorded history which is replete with satire. From the graffiti left by the builders inside the great pyramids of Egypt, or on the pillars of Roman ruins, or even in the bathroom stalls in our modern public restrooms,  we are a most petty and vindictive specie of animal.  So why not embrace it, and grow from it.

So join me for observations, feel free to leave your comments and who knows, you may just learn something about life, or even yourself.  Or you may not. In the end, it will not matter 100 years from now what we say anyway unless we carve it into one of the great pyramids, at which time some enterprising archeologists in the future, desperately trying to support their thesis to continue their government funding, will argue as to whether it was ori

ginal, or done by miscreants in our century, and surely by some conspiracist who will be sure that aliens did it, which will then be broadcast all over the History Channel, whose producers are desperate to boost their sagging ratings because history is just not interesting to a stoner population more interested in what fame whores are wearing as fashion in a global society that has lost it’s way due to media overload.



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