Mississippi Councilman Inserts Foot

Here’s a new one out of Jackson, Mississippi. A black city councilman named Kenneth Stokes actually said residents should attack police officers from neighboring jurisdictions who stray into the city while chasing small time criminals. He said “thug” officers are “needlessly endangering our children”, and residents should throw bottles, bricks and rocks at cops.

Excuse me, somebody just lost touch with any kind of reality.

First of all, I have no idea how a guy like this got enough people to vote for him to become an elected official, even if he is just a city councilman.  Secondly, to make comments like this show a serious lack of any kind of integrity or morality in an elected official.  Thirdly, and most frightening, somebody is going to take this moron seriously and start throwing bottles, bricks and rocks at police.  I am sure the police are going to appreciate that and will respond accordingly. Then retaliations will begin. So now you have all the ingredients of making another race related, let’s all march downtown, and we now have an excuse-to-loot cocktail.

All this drama from a low-rate politico, who I bet you money would have some sort of apoplexy if an enterprising petty criminal stole a garden gnome from his front yard; who  would then come out demanding the local police, the sheriffs office, the FBI, Interpol, Wal-Mart security and every other badge wearing entity on the planet, to chase them down with every available plane, train and automobile, not caring who ran over children, old ladies and kittens, to get his gnome back, and the justice of having the petty criminals hung in the biggest tree on the courthouse lawn.

I am compelled to wonder if “Einstein” Stokes here ever thought of actually contacting the local sheriffs and police chiefs and telling them his concerns. You know the people that could seriously address the issue with immediate results.  The guys who pay the salaries of “thug” officers and can relieve them of their duties and terminate them if they are actually outside of the scope of their authority. Did you think of that buddy? Or was it just too irresistible, with that microphone poking in your face, to blurt out the most asinine statement you could muster through your limited experience and stunted vocabulary, and grab for that pretty, shiny brass ring.

Well, now you have your 15 minutes of fame, and a little more. The Governor of Mississippi is very interested in what you have said. So is the State Attorney General,

and of course, all the local Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs.  You will be very popular among the law enforcement community, who have enough issues dealing with all the criminals, not just the petty ones.

I feel sorry for the poor miscreants who will take you to your word and will be meeting the police head on, and someone will most likely get hurt because of it.

Oh, by the way…your political career is pretty much over.


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