Kanye’s Lack of Fashion Show

For the third year in a row, Kanye West has deluded himself into thinking he’s a serious fashion designer with his Yeezy 3 line. He may be a famous rapper, a song writer and entrepreneur, but he is in the water way over his head with the professional designed crowd. At  least this time his hobby has moved up a level to bad instead of being at the bottom of the talented designer list as laughable. If you do something well, stick with it…like doing songs showing poor language skills attacking other singers to canned techno-beat generated music, but please satisfy your fragile vanity in another venue, not the fashion set. Please!

Several descriptive adjectives came to mind as I saw the models wearing his designs: tedious, boring, dull, dowdy, monotonous, repetitive, frumpy, lack-luster, non-imaginative. I really tried to give him the benefit of a doubt, but the line just fails all the way around.  The color palette at least stretched a little bit but it’s still bland and flat. It’s basically his same designs from last year, and the year before, except this time he went into the deep end of the pool and added some beads and trinkets. You can put make up on a pig but it’s still a pig.

And Madison Square Garden was full of invited people and pseudo-celebrities who I am sure were feeding that ego and telling him how wonderful his designs are, and how much of a genius he is. Well, someone close to him needs to be kind and honest, and tell the emperor he’s naked and people are laughing at him behind his back. The show appeared poorly conceived, poorly presented and poorly executed. I know the other designers were thrilled by it because anything they do by comparison will look so much the better.

Apparently, the models were instructed to appear morose and sour. That was definitely not the work of genius and an all around poor judgment call. They come off wearing his designs, as appearing to be zombiefied extras on a B level sci-fi horror movie set. If they have to be on stage wearing glorified flour sacks, at least let them have some fun with it instead of coming across as dejected automatons. I’ve seen happier photo’s depicting inmates at Auschwitz. Even Naomi Campbell couldn’t pull off a victory as she loped out looking like Tina Turner in Thunderdome. I must agree with his wife about it being “sick” and “dope”, but the real meanings of the word not the slang definitions. I’m thinking more like “sickly” and “dopey”.

He apparently kicked off his new album during the show as well, something something about Pablo somebody. I hope

his musical instincts does better than his fashion sense, and he can continue to get the recognition he craves that way because clothes designing is a dead end street. Don’t worry Kanye, I am just sharpening my fangs for the real designers and their upcoming lines during Fashion Week.

Maybe somebody is just not the all around  genius he thinks he is, but he is laughing behind somebody else’s back all the way to the bank.


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