Doesn’t All Lives Matter?

Why does it have to be a Black Lives Matter movement?  Doesn’t everybody’s lives matter? All persons with any skin color; their lives matter to someone. With all people in general, under any circumstance; their lives matter to us all as a community. It is a fundamental right of every living creature on this planet to have the ability to exist and for their lives to contribute to the collective whole of existence.  Human skin color is basically irrelevant because all skin has color to it, just varying degrees of shade and tone. If there is a stigma of some kind, then you attach it yourself…and that is the great trap.

The “Black Lives Matter” movement erupted from the undeniably questionable atrocities of some police officers shooting persons of darker color, and then the media hype that continually fed upon it. I’ll reiterate that part again; the media hype that continually fed upon it. But  you know, when any shooting death of any person happens, it needs to be and will be looked at by a Grand Jury of citizen peers in a forum of justice to determine if that action was justified or not, regardless of skin tone. And justice for all! That is the ultimate goal. If it is not an appropriate occurrence then direct action needs to be applied by the laws adjudicated by the Judicial System, not any self appointed portion of the populace basing it on skin tone alone. That division is what separates us from total anarchy. And surely not the sanctioned use of disruptive disobedience or rioting or looting in the name of any cause. That destroys any movement’s credibility and desired sympathy.

Applying a skin color to the equation for effect begins the process and promulgation of racism, where none may have initially existed. If that is the agenda of any movement, then that cause becomes questionable and suspect.  The root cause needs to be the acquisition of justice, not the furtherance of a personal vendetta against an authority based solely on race . If a movement is given a voice, then responsibility become paramount in it’s presentation and reception. Not just being used by a sensationalist hungry media to boost their ratings for the week. Then it will avoid becoming the proverbial slippery slope with two sides falling on opposite banks of the ditch, which then polarizes itself further into a situation with no positive resolution.

I personally find it insulting to direct any specific social movement, positive or negative, singularly to one specific skin color. That’s a form of racism in and of itself. AlI of us can say, without reservation, that no one race or skin color or ethnic or religious group is superior or inferior to another. To adopt any other position is just plain stupid as a philosophical doctrine. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary definition of racism is  “a belief that race is the primary determinate of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”. Therefore the movement wasn’t about racism based on the definition. It was about the offending law enforcement officer’s abuse of justice.

Let’s test the humanistic theory practically. If you as a human being were walking in the desert and come upon another human of a different skin tone close to dying of thirst, would you share the water you have with them for their survival?  Conversely, if you were the one dying of thirst, would you expect and accept another human being of a different color sharing their water with you? Would you readily drink from the same canteen? What if it were an animal that was dying? Would you be humane and help?

It really is a ridiculous notion to do anything other than share the water, no matter which side of the predicament you are a part of. That is the basic component of human compassion, as we are a compassionate species. We have been indoctrinated since birth to follow instinct and do whatever we can to alleviate the threat of suffering to another human being,  an animal, or a community whatever the circumstances may be. That’s why there are billions of us living today worldwide, and why we diligently take care of our livestock. It makes us a viable part of the community of life on this planet.

Now, granted, there are some human beings that have serious mental issues such as sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. They simply need medical help or separation from society. Then there are others who have been taught to despise based on unfounded attributes assigned to their belief of others. They simply need re-indoctrination and to learn empathy. Fortunately, these mentioned are the few…not the many.  The great civil right leader Dr. Martin L. King eloquently stated ” I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Lack of any racism towards anybody was his message. That cuts both ways, you know. Dr. King was talking about everybody of every colored skin.

Experience has shown most of us, when we begin to know someone’s character as a person, they usually become our friend based on that, and our own character. So instead of a “Black Lives Matter” movement, we need to strive for a seriously organized “All Lives Matter” movement when it comes to criminal abuse by law enfor

cement officials. Then any perceived racism by anyone of any skin color will begin to slowly fade away into the bowels of history where it belongs.  And if a police officer of any skin color is guilty of an unwarranted shooting against anybody, then color-blind justice needs to do it’s job and hold the perpetrator to righteousness…and their superiors

A life that matters is a fundamental right of all skin toned humans.


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