Celebrities Who Must Comment on Events

I am truly amazed at the volume of celebrities that feel the overwhelming need to write open letters, spew verbal masturbation on talk shows and generally make their comments and opinions known about significant world events, and how THEY feel about it.

Bottom line: I personally don’t care what they think. I never have cared what they think. I never will care for what they think. Most people I know don’t care what they think. Their opinion just doesn’t matter. There are very few personalities in the entertainment industry, the sports realm or any other celebrity infested avenue that has verifiable credentials to substantiate their positions on anything…other than their ego.

Point: Quentin Tarantino recently jumped on the weary old bandwagon to ban the Confederate Flag from everywhere in the country and considered it to be the American swastika.  Really?!?  Quentin Tarantino?  Although Tennessee born, the guy was raised in Los Angeles. He’s a film maker. The guy just makes movies. So just because he has the opinion that the Confederate Flag represents racism in America, I should also. Pull the other one Quentin. There’s another whole segment of the population in this country that feels the Confederate Flag represents something totally different. Really, they do. But rest assured, when you become a nationally recognized expert on race relations in this country based on solid, verifiable research and analysis that you have conducted to support your view, I will actually take what you say into serious consideration. Until then, just continue to make films.  Oh, and by the way, there have been problems with race relations in this country since white men landed on the beaches, long before the Confederacy. Just go have a little chat with the Native Americans.

But I can’t just pounce on poor little Quentin.  Sean, Martin, Madonna, Penelope, Russell, Kanye, Donald, et alia,  have all seemed to come out of the woodwork when something really controversial arose, to promote themselves as a modern prophet who had to share their opinions to show all the rest of the unworthy, the true path to enlightenment. Apparently, the rest of us poor, naked apes do not have the mental capacity to get out of the middle of the road on a disputation unless we have their insight on which way to go. Got a news flash coming for you superstar. Almost every man, woman or child has the capability, and capacity, to make an informed opinion on an issue they are passionate about, without you. (Note the words passionate about).

You, as a celebrity, have a m

oral and ethical responsibility to be as positive a role model as you can, for all those people who admire you for your accomplishments and talents. Not your unsolicited opinions. If helping the less fortunate, promoting the safety and well-being of society and bringing something better to this world is not in your agenda, your’e a waste to any kind of true progress.

Try leading by example instead of opinion.



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