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If Stoned Monkeys Could Fly…

If stoned monkey’s could fly then:

  1. Kanye West would be able to seriously design good fashions that doesn’t look like his scrawny, somber, pathetic models just left the camp at Auschwitz. (in reality, those raggedy fashions were infinitely better)
  2. That British idiot Piers Morgan could write an article where he doesn’t sound like a whiny little bitch any more. (who uses proper English)
  3. Kim Kardashian would stop posting constant selfies that doesn’t show one of her exposed body parts that someone on this planet hasn’t seen already. (Repeatedly)
  4. The Republican Party would put forth a Presidential candidate in 2016 who doesn’t come across as cheap and sleazy.
  5. The Democratic Party would put forth a Presidential candidate in 2016 who doesn’t come across as cheap, sleazy…and desperate.
  6. Any Third Party would put forth any decent candidate in 2016 that I could actually vote for. (Sigh…if only Ross Perot were still with us)
  7. Lawyers would have to return your money if they lose your case (like that will ever realistically happen).
  8. All the countries in the would finally band together in a coalition of humanity for a couple of weeks and finally crush ISIS in one all out assault…and let the people they have terrorized dish out their punishments. (There would be burka’s-a-flyin)
  9. The Kennedy family would have to get out of U.S. politics forever…and move to Canada (the extreme Northern parts).
  10. Professional athletes would have to be positive role models or forfeit their salaries and be banned from their leagues permanently. (That’ll stop some foolishness)
  11. Hillary and Bill Clinton would be charged and tried for all their crimes just like every other criminal in this country who breaks the law…and then be banished to Canada with the Kennedys.
  12. Science and Religion would leave each other alone and let everybody do their own research, and make their own decision without being berated with unsolicited positions as to who has the proper point of view. (Each of us has the proper point of view already without their input)
  13. And on that line of thought: Mega-Churches have to pay taxes like any other multi-conglomerate corporation and not use the constitutional division of church and state as a tax dodge (that’s not what the Founding Father’s had in mind when they used that rhetoric for the small community churches that existed at that time)
  14. And on that line of thought: Every person, every business, every corporation, every church, every entity that makes money in or through this country would be taxed at a simple 10% rate with no tax loop-holes whatsoever. (And if they are caught hiding their money in foreign banks or tax dodging or moving factories to foreign countries, they forfeit their citizenship as well as their money)
  15. Pregnant celebrities can’t post selfies of themselves in bikini’s (I mean, really…stop it!)

Yep…If only stoned monkeys could fly.

A Bad Moon Rising

Sometimes you just get the feeling that there is a bad moon on the rise. It usually begins with that eerie feeling of a black cloud hovering over you until the hair on the back of your neck rises and a bizarre tingle runs up and down your spine. Is it just me or do other folks get that feeling as well? I don’t know what it is but I have learned over the years to take the feeling very seriously. Perusing through the news articles like I do, I begin to see events taking place that may have something to do with it. Let’s explore some of these current issues and see if that has the shivers a spinning.

Politics: Most of the primaries and caucuses for the 2016 Presidential Campaigns are over and it looks like Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee while Hillary Clinton will wrap up the Democratic ticket. How disappointing is this race going to be? We have a bratty, egocentric megalomaniac who is the closest thing to a card carrying Nazi that has ever run for public office heading up the right wing; and a known confusa-feminist, who is one step from an criminal indictment, heading up the left wing. Neither candidate is worth the trip to the voting booth where you will have to literally cast a ballot for the lesser of the two evils. No matter who wins the general election, we lose and now will have to endure at least four years of turmoil and bedlam.

North Korea: Here we have a murderous tin-pot dictator, Kim Jung-Un, who should be in a hospital for the criminally insane instead of in any kind of power position. He is seriously on the fast track to becoming a viable nuclear threat, and is working earnestly on the ability to spread those warheads halfway around the world. This guy must have a photo of Stalin somewhere in a shrine in his palace so he can bend over and worship that purging homicidal lunatic every day. If I lived on the west coast of the U.S. I would be watching this goon with great anticipation and dread. The really scary part is that China, who has had a stranglehold on North Korea since the ceasefire, is gravely concerned with his antics and foolery and is slowly losing control over him.

China: If you ever thought the U.S. or Russia or Europe or Africa or South America was weird, then China would be your huckleberry. They have one of the largest populations on the planet coupled with one of the strangest. Just read the news. They are still Communist but striving to be Capitalist while leaning toward National Socialism. They are just plain confused with what they are, and what they want to be. And their populace shows it by running around  like road lizards on hot pavement doing insane things .  They want to claim dominion over every bit of real estate in the Far East but have Russia to the north of them, Korea to the south, and Japan to the west saying they can’t have it, with America taking every opportunity to poke at them with a big military stick. We keep a fleet cruising in circles in the South China Sea daring them to come out and play. But we know, the bulk of their entire economy is dependent on U.S. consumers. Seriously, if Wal-Mart went bankrupt, China would fold like a house of cards and they would be back into the fiscal era of their ancient Ming Dynasty.

Russia: Vladimir Putin is a thug and a bully. He is crooked as a river and bold as an alligator. And he controls Russia with an iron fist. At the height of the Cold War, Russia could boast of a serious blue-water navy rivaling the U.S. Then during Glasnost and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, their military began to seriously decline as their navy began to rust away. But Vlad has  turned that corner and is revamping the navy again. He knows that if you’re going to be a serious global player at the chess board, you must rule the waves. They have a massive Army and a notable air force all ready, but the navy is the key to resurgence on the world stage. He has already done some questionable things in his neck of the woods, in the Ukraine and Crimea, and the rest of the world just stood around looking stupid. Putin has an agenda, and he is forty moves ahead of the West on this chess board.

I can see now why I have that prickly feeling working up and down my spine. Yep, there is definitely a bad moon on the rise. We have a bewildered and flustered China going deranged, a rootin-tootin Fascist cowboy in Russia kicking sand in our faces and a unruly mentally degenerate child working on playing with nuclear toys in North Korea; while we will have pin our hopes on which political moron will win our Presidential election and get to deal with this cauldron of shit: The Darling of Benghazi or the apprenticed Artful Dodger of the Shady Deal.

Could always be worse. Obama could still be the President.



And With The Whole World Watching

The Republican’s race for their parties presidential nomination has now officially become a three-ring circus of clowns, posers and buffoons. Donald Trump has literally turned this arena into one of the most humiliating and embarrassing events for the American people in our illustrious, and sometimes dubious, history. Too much of a crass television personality underhanded businessman and not enough savvy polished politician. In fact Trump, Cruz and Rubio have all worked hard to become the new three stooges of modern politics. It’s like watching adolescent boys try to out shout each other in a “Yo Mama is so fat…” schoolyard pissing match. And to bring up hand size in direct relation to penis size is unbelievable in a serious political debate. Absolutely unbelievable! Doesn’t the Republican candidates realize that the entire world is watching this farce unfold and that they are a direct reflection of us? We are becoming the laughing stock of the globe based on their infantile immaturity, and the real battle for the Presidential election hasn’t even started yet.

I have said before and I will say it again: Donald Trump is the most dangerous person to ever run for the Presidency of the United States of America. And if he is elected, we will have nothing but chaos and confusion and turmoil during his term. What little international prestige we have left will be totally extinguished by his inexperience and his antics. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are light-weight politicos punching way above their class, and it shows. Neither is Presidential material. John Kasich doesn’t even seriously count as a player in the game. And the GOP debate in Detroit again shows once again that the Republican Party has degenerated into an antiquated entity who has lost touch with modern reality. Their rogue elephant Trump is plowing his way over the rest of the candidates, and the Party itself, like a drunken sailor in a brothel. And he is going to be their candidate for the general election in November. This joke is now officially out of control, and no one is going to be laughing soon…but the whole world will be watching.

Then the Democrats have their mouthy prima-donna Hillary Clinton sharpening her fangs, and you know she will be relentless berating the Republican contender. She is so confident and full of herself, it is nauseating. I had hoped Bernie Sanders would come from behind and be the proverbial underdog taking away the crown from this unethical prom queen, but I don’t think he will muster the momentum to do it. Too bad, it would have been glorious watching  Clinton’s shady career go down the political toilet.

Soon the two party hopefuls will begin fighting with each other for the highest office itself, and the whole world will continue to watch the debacle as Trump and Clinton go at each other in a vicious toe-to-toe slugging match. You know they will too. If they can vilify and destroy their own party members for the nomination of their party, what do you think will happen when the whole enchilada is on the line? The head of the most powerful nation in history and the leader of the free world will come down to a vote between two egocentric megalomaniacs who are so power hungry they will willingly pervert their honor, stifle their self-respect and do anything they can to win. And the media will be loving it as that are sitting on the sidelines, drinking the kool-aide during the whole thing. How humiliating it will be for us, the American citizen.

And the whole world will be watching.


The Back-Packers Guide to the Apocalypse (Part 1)

Apocalypse! The very word sends shudders up some peoples spines making them manic and paranoid; running around like Chicken Little personified screaming the sky is falling and getting ready to hide under the proverbial bed. Well, in the parable an acorn simply fell on his head. But then most recently, the end of the world scenario has been utmost on some Chicken Little minds, especially when prophetic events like the ending of the Mayan calendar, or the incredibly cryptic prophecies of loonies like Nostradamus are touted and seemingly validated by media eccentrics who believe such nonsense, and want you to believe it as well to sell their books or get you to buy elaborate doomsday supplies.  Our old friend money has popped his head up again. But let’s now be realistic and look at the issue from the perspective of someone with no commercial agenda and a little common sense.

First, what does Apocalypse actually mean. The English word comes from the Greek word apokálypsis, meaning “uncovering”; being translated literally as “a disclosure of knowledge”.  What? That doesn’t mean the end of the world? Where does the doom of the world come from? Well, it takes on that meaning inadvertently from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, in the context of meaning the return of Jesus Christ, the destruction of Satan and his forces and the beginning HIS one thousand year reign of Peace. See the English Bible was translated from the Greek translation. So then it becomes a religious disclosure of knowledge proclaiming the end of the former world as we know it. Not a bad thing if you’re a Christian. A very bad thing if you’re not. Research the Book of Revelation for more information on it. This event is a matter of Faith and when/if it happens a whole new set of rules apply.

So now let us look at the physical ways this planet can actually be scientifically injured thereby posing a realistic threat to mankind. Note I didn’t say destruction of the planet. There is no probable, practical mechanism or significant threat that can seriously destroy the planet itself at this time. But the surface can be rendered uninhabitable, or the life forms can be eradicated. And also distinguish between “probable” and “possible”. Almost anything can be possible, just not always probable. These are two completely different concepts when you deal with events. It is technically possible that a coconut wielding maniac hippie shark with an eye patch will jump up behind you in the rain on the toilet and beat you senseless while singing Ave Maria…but not realistically probable.

The most noteworthy ways of our collective destruction are:

Geomagnetic Reversal: This is a change in a planet’s magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged completely, or to varying degrees. On average this happens every 450,000 years or so, and most reversals are estimated to take between 1,000 and 10,000 years. The latest one occurred about 780,000 years ago.  A brief complete reversal, occurred only 41,000 years ago during the last ice age. Did the world end. No. Were there mass extinctions? Possibly. No one really knows for sure but the evidence indicates that this is not an event that will crumble the planet and eradicate all life. It may be a spooky thing to happen but we would continue to survive. This is a possible but not likely event so don’t buy a new compass. Possible but not probable as a civilization eradicator!

Gamma Ray Burst: This is a flash of Gamma Rays associated with extremely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. Bursts can last from ten milliseconds to several hours and are believed to consist of a narrow beam of intense radiation released during a supernova or hypernova as a rapidly rotating, high-mass star collapses blah, blah, bah. The sources of most Gamma Ray Bursts are billions of light years away from Earth and are extremely rare. In fact, all observed Gamma Ray Bursts have originated from outside our galaxy. It is only a theory that IF a Gamma ray burst in the Milky Way, and IF it was pointing directly towards the Earth, it MIGHT cause a  mass extinction event. That’s a lot of ifs and maybes to take a Gamma Ray Burst seriously especially since they are not even in our own galaxy. Possible but not even probable! I’ll throw the bullshit flag on this one as no threat whatsoever.

Black Hole: This is a theoretical region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing, including particles and  light,  can escape from inside it. It would literally shred our planet to pieces and absorb it into the void. The nearest black hole to Earth is believed to be at the center of our galaxy. So it’s not nearby, and there is not a traveling hobo black hole that has been identified coming through our neighborhood, so this phenomenon is virtually non-threatening at all. Possible but not probable! Another bullshit flag.

Biotech disaster: Biological technology is another way of saying genetically modified. If you buy non-organic groceries at the supermarket, you are most likely buying meat and vegetables that have been genetically modified to look better, taste better, last longer; and be insect and weather resistant. We have even seen cloning of sheep in our lifetime. Genetic modification and the biological science’s are researching more ways of enhancing and changing genetic structure’s of organisms at an alarming rate. But when you tamper with Nature’s genetic engineering, you are asking for trouble. This is an area where the technology can get away from the architects very easily if they are not fanatically diligent. When I begin seeing cattle with claws and fangs, as well as a nasty carnivorous appetites, I’ll worry about this one. We could technically engineer our own destruction, but on a planetary scale it’s not realistically feasible. This one is possible and probable if due care and responsibility is ignored! In extraordinary circumstances, this event might cause problems for, or irritate the human race, but not destroy the physical planet.

Climate Change: We may be seeing this event unfolding at this very  minute. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have been pumping carbon dioxide and other pollutants into our air and water supply to the point the planet is beginning to change. This is a serious threat to our current way of existence but not to our species survival. At the very worse, we may have to adjust to an ice age existence but realistically we would continue to survive as a specie although populations would plummet like ice cubes in a tumbler. The planet itself would endure fine albeit in a different state. Possible and most likely probable if changes are not initiated immediately to correct the pending imbalances!

Super Volcano: This one is one of the more serious threat’s today. Super volcanoes do exist worldwide and there is historical evidence of their periodic eruptions. Most of our planet is molten rock and we live on our planet’s shallow and fragile crust which is governed by plate tectonics.  Where the plates meet, there will be always be seismic activity. There are volcano’s all along these plates but the few super volcanoes are extraordinarily dangerous to our species. Sadly, they are inevitable. Scientists are monitoring them constantly and are getting consistently better at predicting eruptions. Therefore, we can at least get away from the blast range of an eruption and evacuate ahead of a pyroclastic flow if warned in time. But it’s the ejection of billions of tons of matter into the atmosphere that’s the issue. A super volcano could throw enough ejecta into the air to cover the Earth with a blanket of dust, block out the Sun’s rays and thrust us into a volcanic winter for an indeterminate period of time. This is the true end time scenario as used in movies for drama. Crops and all vegetation would eventually fail, animals would die, starvation would soon begin on a massive scale, water supplies would be non-potable, world and communal societies would devolve into chaos, economies would crumble, and we would be thrust into a literal dark age existence again bartering for our needs, or taking them by force of arms. We would have to survive on stored rations until the overcast dissipated and the land could support plants again. Mankind would most likely survive as a species, but in the interim, it would be the most harsh, cruel and base existence for the few survivors. Civilization, as we know it today, would never exist again. They are rare but this one is very possible and eventually probable at some point.

Asteroid/Meteorite Strike: Scientists tell us this is another of those events which is a matter of WHEN not IF it’s going to happen. The most recent serious threat was probably the Tunguska Event in 1908. Our planet and Moon are pockmarked reminders that asteroid and meteor strikes have rained down on this planet throughout it’s existence. The destructive power of this event depends on the size and the speed of the object that collides with the Earth. But an asteroid roughly 5 miles in diameter travelling at a hypersonic speed will destroy all living things on the planet…that’s the feared Planet Killer. No need to hoard food or water, no need to crawl in a hole, no chance of survival unless you leave the planet. But even then there’s no place to go. Scientists and world governments know of this threat and are making minute strides to address it when it does occur; but any realistic plan to deal with it is still on the drawing boards at this stage. At least the scientific observers have identified several larger near Earth objects and are tracking them, so we can have advanced warning (if the officials decide to tell us). The smaller ones are to numerous to track. Now, some of these smaller impacts we can survive, once again, depending on the size. We could have something like the volcanic winter mentioned earlier except this is called an impact winter. Same results, just a different name for the cause. This threat is very possible and eventually probable at some point.

Artificial Intelligence/Nano Technology: This event is more theoretical than practical at this point in our technological development. Until we reach “technological singularity” and our thinking machines and computers become smarter than our programming and failsafe measures, we have no serious threat from AI to destroy our human civilization. Also Nano-technology is predicted for the future but the technology is just not upon us yet. Supposedly these microscopic robots can turn rogue and reduce all matter on the planet’s surface to gray goo. Sounds more science fiction than science. This is another instance to throw the bullshit flag and not worry about something that doesn’t exist, except in the mind of a pot smoking Hollywood screenplay writer. Like a ghost in the machinery, when I see it I’ll believe it possible and take the threat more seriously. No matter the outcome, the planet will survive without any problem. It’s the indentured servant of humanity vs. the master machine scenario that’s the issue. Possible and maybe probable…just not anytime soon.

Pandemic/Biological Warfare: This one is another of the more seriously probable events. Nature has a way of culling an animal population to get it to appropriate, balanced numbers that can survive and flourish in it’s environment. When the population get’s too large she’ll starve it back to the proper balance or introduce disease. Epidemics and Pandemics are nothing new to our history and is Nature’s way of culling our human herd. Almost everybody has heard of the bubonic plagues of medieval Europe, killing almost 25% of the population. Basically one in every four people died of the disease. And it’s still around. Even recently, in 1918, the Spanish Influenza killed 100 million people worldwide. And I am sure there are others throughout history. In our times, we have had the luxury of antibiotics to stave off infections and other nasty’s, keeping us out of the grip of pandemics. But Nature has ways of counteracting our cleverness. Scientist’s are now seeing a rise in antibiotic resistant strains of viruses and bacteria which could leave our medicines and treatments useless to combat the threat. Also Nature has a way of causing viruses and bacteria to mutate allowing them to change their way of attacking us, as well as being shielded from the medicines. So this event is very possible and eventually probable at some point in our future. Is it a planet destroyer? No. Planet will be just fine. Is it a mankind destroyer? Possibly. But not an extinction event for the species. And there is no such thing, or ever will be such a thing as a Zombie Apocalypse. That’s just being stupid. There has never been a virus or bacteria that has caused humans to crave eating brains of another human. Pot smoking Hollywood screenwriters trying to make a buck again. To me personally, the possibility of a pandemic or epidemic is the most serious threat of them all because we have seen it too may times before, and Nature is diligently working against us to whittle our numbers down.

Nuclear Holocaust: This threat has been around since World War II. Yes, there are enough warheads to throw the planet into a nuclear winter, like a volcanic or impact winter, but it would take them all exploding during a single series of events to do it. Only two countries have the vast majority of the world’s stockpiles. And the possibility of that happening has been dwindling since the Cold War. Could it happen? Sure. Why hasn’t it happened in the last 70 years then? Because leaders and politicians know humanity will not stand for it. Their perceived use has become so caustic, that any leader that uses just one will surpass Hitler as the most despised and reviled man in history. And the country he represents will be ostracized from the human community. Even if a terrorist cell used one, it would cause only localized destruction not a worldwide event. They have become weapons of bluff and bluster with little chance of realistic use any more.  If that were not so, they would have been used somewhere already by someone. And remember, for a world destructive event, it will take nearly all of the warheads being utilized to catapult us into a nuclear winter. The U.S. and Russia would pound each other with conventional weapons before they would revert to nuclear weapons. And the winning power would never push the loser to the point of all out launch. Mutually assured destruction theory. This event is possible of course but I personally don’t think it’s really probable anymore.

Alien Invasion: I’m not even going to give this any credence or thought. When intelligent, combative, war-mongering, resource stealing life forms from another planet’s civilization appear, we’ll give this consideration. We haven’t even found microbes on other planetary bodies so don’t bother looking for destructive battle fleets from other worlds. Oh, by the way, if you see a UFO flying around I’ll bet you the farm it has a government contract funding it.

Massive Solar Flare: This is another possible but not probable event. A solar flare of a magnitude large enough to strip the Earth of it’s atmosphere is so rare as to be not worth the calculation.

So there you have the choices. Most of them are not even probable events. However, pandemics, super volcanoes and asteroid/meteor strikes are viable possibilities and we should take those threats very, very seriously. Are they common? No, just the opposite. Super volcanoes and asteroid impacts are rare events but when they can happen, the results can be catastrophic. Pandemics and epidemics on the other hand are not as rare and we need to prepare for the next one very sensibly. So the next time you hear one of the modern commercial prophets of doom saying the end could be near at any minute and you need to buy their survival products right now or soon you’ll be eating your grand babies, naked and in the dark; you can least look down your nose at them in righteous condemnation and say with confidence: “You’re an idiot!”


The New Democratic Revolution

We may be on the verge of another long over-due American Revolution, and as unbelievable as it may seem it will possibly emerge from the Democratic Party.  Poor little ole Bernie Sanders, who nobody took seriously a few months ago, is sizzling hot and cooking with gravy after the Iowa and New Hampshire delegate elections. Hillary Clinton came out for this election year with all the confidence of a prize fighter who has already bought and paid for the fight. At least that’s what her political backers thought, who are funding her candidacy. But now they have grown increasingly concerned they may be throwing their influential money away on a bad bet.  All the favors and power they would have bought is slipping right through their nasty, grimy fingers. Hillary barely squeaked out a marginal victory in Iowa and got totally trashed in New Hampshire because the citizens are hearing a whole new message. And the people like what they hear from Bernie.

Let’s get honest. Hillary Clinton is nothing but a political hack of the first order. If cut, she will bleed greed, dishonesty and corruption like the rest of the Beltway Gang. She has tasted power through her questionable husband’s rise to prominence, and his Presidency. She may have been only the First Lady but you know she was a behind-the-scenes pillow talk player. She dropped out of the 2008 bid for the Presidency, at the party’s urging, to let Barak Obama become the first black and first pseudo-Muslim President, making the party look all progressive and cool. Now she believes it’s her turn to become the big contestant on “The Price is Right”. If you want another crooked William Jefferson Clintonesque term in office then she’s your huckleberry. She is banking on women voting for her because she is a woman and would be the first woman President. She is banking on the Hispanic vote because they will supposedly think she will champion immigration causes. She is banking on the black vote because they traditionally vote the Democratic ticket. She was not banking on the premise that voters, no matter what their gender or ethnicity, are not stupid, are seriously listening to what the candidates are saying and  do not want another President in office failing to fulfill empty promises while lining the pockets of the 1%.

Then along came Bernard Sanders from Vermont. A maverick horse from out of nowhere politically. He is a card carrying Democratic Socialist in his political platform, which is very appealing to a society that see’s the country being run by a monetary elite. Democratic socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically—to meet public needs, not to make profits for a few. They believe, to achieve a more just society, many structures of the government and economy must be radically transformed through greater economic and social democracy so that ordinary Americans can participate in the many decisions that affect their lives. If you are an advocate of higher wages, government supported health care and subsidized education, then he’s your man.

See, if you want an economy to grow and prosper, then you must inject more money into the system. We are a consumer based economy. You pay people higher wages, they will spend more, then the economy flourishes grows faster and stronger. It’s like comparing a plant with no fertilizer next to a plant with fertilizer. But the 1% have hoarded all the manure and will not spread it around, thereby becoming a controlling financial elite while the country dies on the vine.

If you want the best health care now, you have to pay exorbitant costs to a system that overtly price gouges their patients. Health care in the United States is a system that is totally out of control in what it charges for care. You must pay ridiculous premium costs for health insurance to cover any kind of illness, and absurd prices for medications touted by doctors who are paid off by the pharmaceutical companies. It is a travesty of humanity for a profession that prides itself on the Hippocratic Oath to do this.  Any one of us is just a serious illness away from bankruptcy.

An American education should be  a right not a privilege. Right now, there is a potential Einstein or Da Vinci or Mozart in our country somewhere, toiling away at a menial job because they couldn’t afford the luxury of going to a university and fulfilling their complete potential. Foreign students are welcomed with open arms as long as they pay the fees. And they surely will. We are educating the world while leaving our own students mired up to their armpits in debt. Then universities continue to raise tuitions and text book prices so that only a select few can afford an education. And to add insult to injury, the government blindly pumps money into these universities through grants and subsidies allowing this perversion to continue unabated, so a new football stadium can be built and the alumni can sit their fat fannies on a comfortable bleacher seat.

All of these issues have gone on so long, and so blatantly, that the American public has become desensitized to it and regards it as the norm. But it’s not the norm and we, as citizens, have the opportunity to stand up and say “No more, you Assholes!”  We have been kicked and punched and ignored enough, and my measly vote may not mean much by itself, but when I combine it with a million others, it WILL lead to another American Revolution! Thomas Jefferson once wrote ” I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

Well, hopefully there’s a storm brewing, and the winds of change are blowing, and the rain of indignation for the current state is getting ready for a deluge to wash away the manure of the past, re-fertilizing the future with a plant that’s strong and healthy, and the insects that have controlled it for so long will finally die away. And maybe, hopefully, there will be that lone, ignored political outsider, not owned by the 1%, with extravagant thoughts for a better way of life for the American people, who will enter the Presidency and make the electorate powerful again with what the people demand as being the norm. And I hope Congress takes notice as well to the current climate. They were hired by the people; they can be fired by the people

I am really feeling the Bern…so let the fire rage on!




2013 TX68: The Little Rocker

I don’t know if anybody has been following the journey of the small  asteroid called 2013 TX68…but I have. With the Superbowl finally being over we will, as a matter of course, have to endure weeks of post-game analysis, and half-time show analysis, and commercial’s aired analysis, and players antics after the game analysis, and players psychoanalysis analysis, and so forth and so on until we’re all saturated and it’s finally not interesting anymore. Then the news networks will graciously stop doing it and we can move on to other topics of interest.

Such as a rock roughly the size of a basketball court out there in the cold, lonely void of space  hurling happily along at ultra-supersonic speeds on a trajectory that will bring it uncomfortably close to Earth. The rocketgeeks and astrogoobers at NASA aren’t really sure how close it will get, but somewhere between 11 thousand miles and 9 million miles. Now that’s a big gap of uncertainty for folks that can mathematically pinpoint sending probes to Mars, and the other planets , which is like shooting a bullet at a shooting bullet a million miles away and hitting it dead center.  But they can’t be any more accurate with the distance of the 2013 TX68 pass by of Earth?

There is a reason, and it’s terrifying to us Earthlings. The first time it passed through in October, 2013, they did not know it was coming and did not get to track it’s trajectory accurately. Let me reemphasize that little part again: they did not know it was coming. Then after barreling past us, 2013 TX68 was captured by the Sun’s gravity and is now in an orbit about the Sun. It will soon pass Earth again on March 5, 2016 and yet again on September 28, 2017. There will also be flyby’s in 2046 and 2097. Now, each time our little friend completes it’s orbit, it varies slightly causing the distance it passes Earth to be a little greater or a little lesser. NASA say’s they are confident it will not strike the Earth on any of these orbits. The odds are like getting killed by a falling coconut on your head, but that does happen to someone occasionally. But OK, I can live with those odds although we do get hit more frequently that we would like to acknowledge.

Now, if you look at our Moon you will see asteroid and meteorite impact craters all over it. Because the Moon has no wind nor rain nor climate of any sort, the craters do not erode away. Now Earth has the same impact craters all over it, thereby showing we are not immune from being hit, except they have been eroded over time and are harder to detect. My point being, that the Earth has been struck in the past and will be struck again in the future.  2013 TX68 is a smaller asteroid and would not be a planet killer like the rock that theoretically hit the earth 65 million years ago, causing the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. But even the smaller guys can be extremely destructive.  Scientists do not say IF we’re hit again, they say WHEN we’re hit again as they know it’s inevitable. And if they don’t know when and where it’s coming at us, then we will have no time to prepare for it. That’s a little something that I think I should like to know personally. I’m not totally confident our governmental leaders would tell everybody an impact was coming to avoid chaos reigning for the time we would have left.

There are too few resources allocated to looking for these celestial bodies transiting through space like drunken hobos. We can spend billions and billions of dollars on an aircraft carrier or a submarine, but we can’t fund a serious effort to find Earth shattering objects that will hit us one day? The United States has 16 Aircraft Carriers, more that the rest of the world combined, so why can’t we put one in mothballs and take that money and devote it to locating and identifying our planet’s murderer; and some mechanism to stop a collision with the world before it get’s here and it’s too late to stop it and we all die. We know it’s going to happen so let’s get our head out of the sand and get ready for it. If there has ever been a government funded program worth having, THIS is the one to fund because the issue is so final when it comes to fruition. Any other pork barrel project is just fluffy bunny stuff.

One day you may look up and see two Suns in the sky…but not for long.


Sea Levels Rising or Snowball Earth?

As I read the daily articles on news sites, I frequently see where the latest batch of some-kind-of-scientists are making predictions about climate change, and where we are headed on the planet. Today it was sea levels rising 10 feet by the turn of the next century. Cities will cease to exist, countries will be consumed by water and the ice at the poles will melt away. Then studies by other some-kind-of-scientists say we are headed for another ice age ending with a snowball Earth scenario where we will be buried under ice because the influx of fresh water into the salt water oceans from the melting polar snows, resulting from global warming, will interrupt the warm water conveyors which bring warm water to the polar regions currently keeping the ice at bay. Well…which is it? Is it both? Or are the scientists really not sure? There definitely needs to be a collective scientific voice on the issue and not somebody simply trying to justify their university funding until the next grant is written.

Now, I will be the first one to get up on the soapbox and declare that global warming is bad. And we, as the dominant proprietors of the world, have been spewing forth carbon dioxide and other nasty pollutants at an alarming rate since the Industrial Revolution. The weather patterns are changing for the worse and storms are getting stronger. I also agree that the world governments are not doing very much to stop it, and that if things do not change very quickly we are seeding our own destruction. But the scientific community doesn’t seem to able to get it’s communal act together and tell the people on this rock the exact way to fix it; and the time frame to do it in. We have all kinds of studies from all kinds of disciplines saying what is happening. It doesn’t take a PhD. in the geosciences to figure that out, but we do need someone with a PhD. in common sense to instruct us on a direction to go. We can’t depend on the corrupt politicians to do it or we’ll end up freezing to death on an iceberg in a tropical hurricane in Kansas.

Here’s my two cents worth of folksy philosophy: Let’s get the world’s leading scientists and climate experts together on a “rock-star” panel to decide the quickest and most effective path to follow as a planet to stop the crisis, and EVERY country MUST adhere to the panel’s recommendations in the timeframe designated, or that country’s governmental leaders must resign upon failure and allow new leadership to take over in their place immediately.

See, almost everybody who has the capability to get news reports knows something is very wrong with the climate and wants things to get better. Even elementary school children are making macaroni dioramas about that. It’s the government leaders that are failing us on a planetary scale. Sure they will get together sometimes for show and issue verbal political flatulence accomplishing nothing. But they all know it’s the big industry giants and commercial mega-conglomerates who will have to foot the bill, modify their industrial complexes and eat into their profit margins to meet standards; and they will not have that. We all know who makes the big monetary contributions to a politician’s election campaigns. If you pressure a spineless politician’s grasp on his molecular power, he’ll cave in like a Florida sinkhole and pressure the industrial sector to get it right…or get out of the business. I’d be willing to do without company X’s fuzzy bunny slippers or company Y’s super-awesome back scratcher if I knew they were not meeting the scientific global standard for pollutants. I would just purchase from company Z, who is…or do without it altogether.

So let’s get this right the first time for the last time.

A lot of these global predictions will most likely not come to fruition in some of our lifetimes, but there are children and grandchildren who may see it. And we are just letting the profit mongering industrial douchebags destroy their future through our power grubbing douchebag politicians.

Very few use douchebags anymore…something better came along.


Iowa: A Good Old Fashioned Slugging Match

The Iowa Caucuses are over and it has shown itself to be  a good old fashioned, toe-to-toe slugging match between the top runners and wannabe’s. Usually elections, especially primaries and caucuses, are relatively boring affairs…but we haven’t had this much fun since the boy’s came home from Gettysburg. Finally, it looks like this year’s election is going to be a wonderful carnival of winners and losers, whiners and cry babies. And it’s immensely gratifying watching the parties controlled media hyped darlings, get a good shellacking.

The GOPpers: Firstly, we have the egocentric megalomaniac bully who just got his party jumping, high dollar butt handed to him on a platter by a guy he has tried to character assassinated in every way possible. The Trump(eter) went into Iowa with the confidence of a matador thinking he had the corn-fed folk all in his pocket. Well, those pockets were full of holes punched by that bull as Tiny Ted Cruz came in at 26.65% (51,649 votes) to big mouth’s 24.31% (45,416 votes). Well, I guess old Donald J. just can’t go out and shoot apprentices and keep his voters.  He just barley missed being a third place finisher by Marco “Polo” Rubio who-o came in-o at 23.09% (43,132 vote-o’s). That would have been a real flash in the brat’s golden picture pan-o. Maybe he needs to write a new book on How Not To Succeed In The Midwest States. Then the brain surgeon, Ben Carson, must have messed in his pant’s with his poultry 9.31%, because he ducked out of Iowa early to “get some more clothes”. I would think a brain surgeon could come up with a better excuse than that after soiling himself! Then Jebusite Bush barely registered at 2.80%, EVEN behind Rand Paul at 4.54%. Jeb ran off to New Hampshire to lick his wounds and try to salvage his train-wreck called campaign. Seems like the big money and the old school Republican clout can’t strong-arm another Bush into the Whitehouse anymore. No dynasty this time. The rest of the Republican field will surely be dropping out now like troopers with Custer.

The Demo’s: This is where the real punches were flying as cocky Hillary got bitch slapped by wall flower Bernie like two cheerleaders fighting over the high school jock. “Feel the Bern” (on that cheek) just took on a whole new meaning. Although virtually tied at the polls in Iowa, Hillary started her campaign months ago feeling like she had the whole Democratic nomination locked up tight. She had the Democratic super money backers, the Democratic old school political machine mechanics and the Democratic professional donkey delegates all behind her. In the cigar smoked filled, whiskey snifting backrooms, where candidates are really decided upon by the party elite, she was promised this year’s run when she back out of the 2008 election to let Obama win the nomination and be the first black President, making the party look all progressive and cool. Word! The out of nowhere came poor little old Socialist card-carrying Bernie, with no money or political machine power, and no media love, who said what he really thinks will work for making this country better. The party laughed, letting Bernie run so Hillary didn’t look like a lone horse (no pun intended). But the college students, and anyone who has paid a recent medical bill…listened! Maybe the college loan lobbyists and the medical conglomerate lobbyists and the big drug company lobbyists should take a lesson from Ben Carson because they are all having a bout of diarrhea this morning as Bernie just showed he is a serious player, and the ground rules could be realistically changing. The high life may be over for the crooked, over-charging bastards now as they may have to get socialized…democratically!

A big round of applause to the people in Iowa for throwing the first punches in what may be the most interesting delegate choosing, candidate picking fight since the Thrilla in Manila. I can’t wait until the Presidential election where the real slugfest will unfold at ring center.

Let’s get ready to ruuuummmble!



The Dreaded Doomsday Watch of the Pockylips

Every year the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists happily drag out their tedious symbolic Doomsday Clock to let us non-atomic scientist peons know how THEY have surmised we are teetering on the edge of apocalypse. I personally do not need their Board of Sponsors committee of scientists, including 16 Nobel Prize winning Laureates, to let me know that tidbit of information when I have every blathering new agency, every modern self-declared prophet,  every self-promoting celebrity and every tithe-craving evangelical preacher doing the same thing. Seriously, I can read literature, interpret data and figure it out on my own, thank you very much Atomic Scientists. But here they come terrifying the gullible, into thinking we’re on the edge of some abyss of doom, lurking on our very doorsteps.

I would give this dreaded doomsday watch for the end some earnest credence if it were not always a relatively few minutes to midnight ( with midnight being the dramatic end of course). Even when the Doomsday Clock began it’s historic vigilance back in 1947, shortly after World War II, it was at 7 minutes to midnight. Hold on there, Skippy! In 1947, Europe and Asia were completely war weary, virtually in economic and political chaos, desperately trying to rebuild their destroyed countries from the war; Russia was busy burying her 26 million casualties and did not have any noted atomic arsenal at all; the United States only had a few atomic bombs and was busy demobilizing her vast armies and navy; NOBODY wanted to fight anymore conflicts worldwide and simply wanted peace again after five grueling years of total war; and the Doomsday Clock was at 7 minutes to midnight? What happened to the other 11 hours and 53 minutes?

The farthest the clock has ever been away from the witching hour was in 1991 when it dropped dramatically, through the floor, to a dizzying low of 17 minutes to midnight. Really!?! I was there in 1991 and it wasn’t that glorious and delightful a time worldwide. Maybe the older conservative Nobel Laureates had all croaked by then and the newer, more liberal Nobel Laureates, who had been raised during the Cold War and were used to the threat of global destruction, saw something the rest of us simple folk missed. Still those other pesky 11 hours and 43 minutes just did not merit a mention in the calculation.

And what if we ever reach midnight and apocalypse? Does the clock then reset itself and we’re at 0:00 again; and we’re OK?  Maybe they should have had the Doomsday Tea Kettle and we can be at 209 degrees, just shy of the boiling point of 212 degrees to apocalypse. At least then you can go higher when we reach the boiling point and even get to the melting point of the Doomsday Tea Kettle. How about the Doomsday Vacuum Cleaner, and we’ll just all agree every year that it sucks.

But let’s get modern. I fully expect Apple to release it’s newest, must-buy gadget to glean our money, called the Apple Doomsday Watch of the Pockylips (to make it appealing to the Millennial generation, and children) so we can wear it on our wrist and be reminded hourly that the Atomic Scientist’s have our back. We can even have a game app called Angry Warheads, that we can stop from hitting the virtual ground and thrusting the screen into a virtual nuclear winter. Makes you drool over the anticipated apps for climate change and new technology threats.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary singular definition of apocalypse is “a great disaster : a sudden and very bad event that causes much fear, loss, or destruction”. Well, a metaphorical Doomsday Clock paraded out every year by supposedly discerning scholars could cause “much fear” to the people who take them very seriously. Are they their own definition of apocalypse. Maybe that’s why the clock always hovers around midnight. Maybe if they stopped their self-gratifying, self-perpetuating prophesying of odious doom and destruction, the impressionable would sleep better at night, without the lights on. Could be.

I will invoke now my own surely pending nomination for a future Fields Medal equation for these mathematical atomic scientist-geeks to scrutinize before they display their next Doomsday Clock predictions:


(D2S2=Don’t Do Stupid Shit)

Note to Atomic Scientists: When your little symbolic gesticulation has become outdated and unrealistic, you just need to put it in a box somewhere and close the lid on it…savvy?


The Ghosts of the Confederate Flag

It is a sad reflection upon a country, and it’s people, when a simple piece of cloth, the Confederate Battle Flag, continues to raise the specter of a bloody internal conflict that ended over 150 years ago. Not one of us were there nor participated in those events. Instead of putting our efforts into uniting as a brotherhood, and moving forward to a brighter future for the coming age , we mire ourselves down in the rhetoric echoing from the morality of a long-gone generation, where modern values and ethics would have been a distant and unattainable vision.

But every 10 years or so, a ridiculous event will occur that  reignites those passions and brings out the ghosts of the past, and the lunatic fringes of the present, who will stamp and stammer,  bluster and bellow, rant and rave, thunder and gnash teeth, to suppress the last Confederate Battle Flag from it’s position as a simple relic from history. This time it was a pathetic, deluded, murderous child who took a picture of himself with it as a symbol of his rebellion against events in his life.

There are those who interpret this flag as a symbol of racism. Or of the institution of slavery, which is an institution that no modern Christian civilized society views as acceptable. Or as a symbol of subjugation to proud and dignified peoples who were forcibly brought to this land in bondage, violating their rights as human beings. As a fellow human being I can respect, and continue honor that position. Imposed chattel slavery on the unwilling was an unnecessary evil in human history and there has never been a rational argument for it’s emergence or existence.

If you seriously study the history of slavery in the United States, you will find a complicated and expansive explanation of why it was allowed to flourish and persevere by our ancestors. Basically it all boils itself down to politics, commerce and profit. The true roots of all the world’s evil. I am not going to elaborate on it in this commentary as it would take volumes upon volumes to delve into all the graves of this phantom. But If you have a sincere interest, I implore you to enlighten yourself of the vast amount of information available for study. Partial, or total, ignorance on a position is unforgivable in any attitude or debate.

Then you have the position of Southern ancestors paying homage to their forbearers who actually fought the battles of the great American Civil War, but simply served on the losing side with the doomed Confederate States of America. It is well documented that the majority of Southern men who participated in the conflict fought for the right’s of their independent southern states, and to repel a perceived invasion of their lands by the armies of the northern states. They were not slave owners with vast estates to be maintained. They were not political hacks with hidden agendas and national ambitions. They were simple people who led to, and rallied around a symbol that they thought would preserve THEIR freedoms from the imposition of, and a realistically perceived enslavement from a foreign power. Once again, if you have a sincere interest, I implore you to enlighten yourself of the vast amount of information available for study. I continue to invoke the notion that partial, or total, ignorance on a position is unforgivable in any attitude or debate.

So in respect to all the ghosts of that era, the flag has become a symbol of slavery to some and a symbol of anti-slavery to others. And there’s the great confusing conundrum. Both sides of the argument are in the right and both sides are in the wrong, and there will never be a resolution until those spirits are finally laid to rest. People of color who were descendants of slaves have the right to express their thoughts and feelings on the symbolism of that simple piece of cloth, but don’t try to bury it. And do not seek to repress the opinions and feelings of others who have lost loved one’s, and have a  totally different interpretation of it’s meaning. If you do, then you are the same oppressors as the monsters who orchestrated the conflict in the first place. When you venerate, or denigrate,  any symbol, good or bad, you have lost your path and end up wandering around the graveyard alone and confused.

Black Pride and Southern Pride are twins born from the same womb. We are both proud peoples and we were both repressed at some point in our histories by the powers over us. And neither will allow the trampling on their heritages. That is a hard, cold fact. But the faster we embrace each other and unite as a family, respect each other position and respect each others paternity, the faster racism will finally die and will be laid to rest with the other ghosts.

In retrospect, the Confederate Battle Flag has very little to do with it.

It’s simple dignity and respect.