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O.J. Simpson…Not Again !?!

It was over 20 years ago that we, the citizens of the United States, had to endure the most farcical travesty of judicial injustice in the history of the American legal system…The People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson. For those of us who were alive at the time of this trial, we now have the opportunity to relive it again except we have all the added interpretation, extrapolation, distorted spin and absurd fiction that drug-addled Hollywood screenwriters can concoct for the dubious “dramatic effect”. The FX Network has rehashed the event in a television series called American Crime Story: The People vs. O. J. Simpson. You would think they might try to get the name of the court case correct at least in the title. But this will just give you an indication of the mythical storyline this show will assuredly follow to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and to bolster the much relished weekly rating’s number.

Even back then, the whole affair was a cartoonish charade masquerading as a legal proceeding. Of course, the national news giants had to turn it into a media feeding frenzy trying to out do each other for the latest scoop and most tawdry tidbit of irrelevant information like putrid vultures circling an imminent battlefield. It was the first in a long line of following celebrity trials. Foolishly, for the first time cameras were actually allowed to roll into a courtroom to see the daily unfolding of motions, testimonies, arguments and the continual side-bar parleys. All the players strutting around trying their best to appear clever. And what a show it was!

Days turned into weeks which turned into months. And after a short while, you just got plain sick and tired of hearing about it!

Simpson had gathered what was called a Dream Team of big-name, high-dollar defense counsels consisting of the most infamous legal shysters, judicial flim-flam artists and courtroom divas that money could buy.  They were able to seat a mostly uneducated jury consisting of 9 blacks, 2 whites and 1 hispanic member, so you know Simpson had an unbalanced racial advantage at the onset. And the Dream Team hammered them constantly with complicated scientific evidence and verbal masturbation that only another lawyer could understand. The presiding Judge was weak. The Prosecution was inept. The cops might as well have been Keystone.

It became a daily water-cooler discussion topic across America, and the world, with supporters and opponents quickly dividing into two separate camps of guilt and innocence. And because he was a black man accused of killing two white people, the race issue surely raised it’s ugly head further polarizing the populace even more. Then it went to the next level of sensational. But still, it was a ludicrous trial and an even more ridiculous media driven display of how our judicial system can be easily manipulated by enterprising attorneys. It was wrong on so many levels.

In the end, there were two distinct camps: the Not Guilty advocates vs. the Guilty proponents, and tensions were very high in the verbal sparring between the two groups. All for nothing. It should have been irrelevant to everyone concerned except Simpson himself, and the families of the victims. But for years afterwards, feelings still ran deep over the trial and verdicts. It was close to becoming just a footnote of judicial history.

But now we get to relive it all over again. Hopefully, the latest FX rendition of the whole sordid affair will not make us all revisit the fiery emotions and fanatical positions of the witnesses of the original event. Or is that their intent? And hopefully, people who will now watch this fictional television show based loosely on sometime fact, will not perceive this as actual historical events. Or is that their intent as well? Surely we hate being used and manipulated like that. Surely we as a society are smarter than that. Surely.

It is not my intention to regurgitate the proceedings of the trial in this article. There is plenty of material out there for review if you have any kind of sincere interest in it. It was litigated, it is over and O.J. Simpson walked out of the courtroom literally getting away with murder…twice. It sadly reminds me of the last four words of our once stolid Pledge of Allegiance: “and justice for all”. In America at that exact point in our history, justice officially became a perception instead of a right. And it has now become doctrine instead of farce.


u know, sometimes Hollywood should not be in control and allowed to make supposedly historical entertainment without constraint. The lazy and ignorant will perceive it as fact…when it’s such a lie to us all. I am beginning to despise the entertainment industry for what it is…and for what it does.

I do note they will not revisit their own perversions and  scandals with such fervor.




The Back-Packers Guide to the Apocalypse (Part 1)

Apocalypse! The very word sends shudders up some peoples spines making them manic and paranoid; running around like Chicken Little personified screaming the sky is falling and getting ready to hide under the proverbial bed. Well, in the parable an acorn simply fell on his head. But then most recently, the end of the world scenario has been utmost on some Chicken Little minds, especially when prophetic events like the ending of the Mayan calendar, or the incredibly cryptic prophecies of loonies like Nostradamus are touted and seemingly validated by media eccentrics who believe such nonsense, and want you to believe it as well to sell their books or get you to buy elaborate doomsday supplies.  Our old friend money has popped his head up again. But let’s now be realistic and look at the issue from the perspective of someone with no commercial agenda and a little common sense.

First, what does Apocalypse actually mean. The English word comes from the Greek word apokálypsis, meaning “uncovering”; being translated literally as “a disclosure of knowledge”.  What? That doesn’t mean the end of the world? Where does the doom of the world come from? Well, it takes on that meaning inadvertently from the Book of Revelation in the Bible, in the context of meaning the return of Jesus Christ, the destruction of Satan and his forces and the beginning HIS one thousand year reign of Peace. See the English Bible was translated from the Greek translation. So then it becomes a religious disclosure of knowledge proclaiming the end of the former world as we know it. Not a bad thing if you’re a Christian. A very bad thing if you’re not. Research the Book of Revelation for more information on it. This event is a matter of Faith and when/if it happens a whole new set of rules apply.

So now let us look at the physical ways this planet can actually be scientifically injured thereby posing a realistic threat to mankind. Note I didn’t say destruction of the planet. There is no probable, practical mechanism or significant threat that can seriously destroy the planet itself at this time. But the surface can be rendered uninhabitable, or the life forms can be eradicated. And also distinguish between “probable” and “possible”. Almost anything can be possible, just not always probable. These are two completely different concepts when you deal with events. It is technically possible that a coconut wielding maniac hippie shark with an eye patch will jump up behind you in the rain on the toilet and beat you senseless while singing Ave Maria…but not realistically probable.

The most noteworthy ways of our collective destruction are:

Geomagnetic Reversal: This is a change in a planet’s magnetic field such that the positions of magnetic north and magnetic south are interchanged completely, or to varying degrees. On average this happens every 450,000 years or so, and most reversals are estimated to take between 1,000 and 10,000 years. The latest one occurred about 780,000 years ago.  A brief complete reversal, occurred only 41,000 years ago during the last ice age. Did the world end. No. Were there mass extinctions? Possibly. No one really knows for sure but the evidence indicates that this is not an event that will crumble the planet and eradicate all life. It may be a spooky thing to happen but we would continue to survive. This is a possible but not likely event so don’t buy a new compass. Possible but not probable as a civilization eradicator!

Gamma Ray Burst: This is a flash of Gamma Rays associated with extremely energetic explosions that have been observed in distant galaxies. Bursts can last from ten milliseconds to several hours and are believed to consist of a narrow beam of intense radiation released during a supernova or hypernova as a rapidly rotating, high-mass star collapses blah, blah, bah. The sources of most Gamma Ray Bursts are billions of light years away from Earth and are extremely rare. In fact, all observed Gamma Ray Bursts have originated from outside our galaxy. It is only a theory that IF a Gamma ray burst in the Milky Way, and IF it was pointing directly towards the Earth, it MIGHT cause a  mass extinction event. That’s a lot of ifs and maybes to take a Gamma Ray Burst seriously especially since they are not even in our own galaxy. Possible but not even probable! I’ll throw the bullshit flag on this one as no threat whatsoever.

Black Hole: This is a theoretical region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing, including particles and  light,  can escape from inside it. It would literally shred our planet to pieces and absorb it into the void. The nearest black hole to Earth is believed to be at the center of our galaxy. So it’s not nearby, and there is not a traveling hobo black hole that has been identified coming through our neighborhood, so this phenomenon is virtually non-threatening at all. Possible but not probable! Another bullshit flag.

Biotech disaster: Biological technology is another way of saying genetically modified. If you buy non-organic groceries at the supermarket, you are most likely buying meat and vegetables that have been genetically modified to look better, taste better, last longer; and be insect and weather resistant. We have even seen cloning of sheep in our lifetime. Genetic modification and the biological science’s are researching more ways of enhancing and changing genetic structure’s of organisms at an alarming rate. But when you tamper with Nature’s genetic engineering, you are asking for trouble. This is an area where the technology can get away from the architects very easily if they are not fanatically diligent. When I begin seeing cattle with claws and fangs, as well as a nasty carnivorous appetites, I’ll worry about this one. We could technically engineer our own destruction, but on a planetary scale it’s not realistically feasible. This one is possible and probable if due care and responsibility is ignored! In extraordinary circumstances, this event might cause problems for, or irritate the human race, but not destroy the physical planet.

Climate Change: We may be seeing this event unfolding at this very  minute. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have been pumping carbon dioxide and other pollutants into our air and water supply to the point the planet is beginning to change. This is a serious threat to our current way of existence but not to our species survival. At the very worse, we may have to adjust to an ice age existence but realistically we would continue to survive as a specie although populations would plummet like ice cubes in a tumbler. The planet itself would endure fine albeit in a different state. Possible and most likely probable if changes are not initiated immediately to correct the pending imbalances!

Super Volcano: This one is one of the more serious threat’s today. Super volcanoes do exist worldwide and there is historical evidence of their periodic eruptions. Most of our planet is molten rock and we live on our planet’s shallow and fragile crust which is governed by plate tectonics.  Where the plates meet, there will be always be seismic activity. There are volcano’s all along these plates but the few super volcanoes are extraordinarily dangerous to our species. Sadly, they are inevitable. Scientists are monitoring them constantly and are getting consistently better at predicting eruptions. Therefore, we can at least get away from the blast range of an eruption and evacuate ahead of a pyroclastic flow if warned in time. But it’s the ejection of billions of tons of matter into the atmosphere that’s the issue. A super volcano could throw enough ejecta into the air to cover the Earth with a blanket of dust, block out the Sun’s rays and thrust us into a volcanic winter for an indeterminate period of time. This is the true end time scenario as used in movies for drama. Crops and all vegetation would eventually fail, animals would die, starvation would soon begin on a massive scale, water supplies would be non-potable, world and communal societies would devolve into chaos, economies would crumble, and we would be thrust into a literal dark age existence again bartering for our needs, or taking them by force of arms. We would have to survive on stored rations until the overcast dissipated and the land could support plants again. Mankind would most likely survive as a species, but in the interim, it would be the most harsh, cruel and base existence for the few survivors. Civilization, as we know it today, would never exist again. They are rare but this one is very possible and eventually probable at some point.

Asteroid/Meteorite Strike: Scientists tell us this is another of those events which is a matter of WHEN not IF it’s going to happen. The most recent serious threat was probably the Tunguska Event in 1908. Our planet and Moon are pockmarked reminders that asteroid and meteor strikes have rained down on this planet throughout it’s existence. The destructive power of this event depends on the size and the speed of the object that collides with the Earth. But an asteroid roughly 5 miles in diameter travelling at a hypersonic speed will destroy all living things on the planet…that’s the feared Planet Killer. No need to hoard food or water, no need to crawl in a hole, no chance of survival unless you leave the planet. But even then there’s no place to go. Scientists and world governments know of this threat and are making minute strides to address it when it does occur; but any realistic plan to deal with it is still on the drawing boards at this stage. At least the scientific observers have identified several larger near Earth objects and are tracking them, so we can have advanced warning (if the officials decide to tell us). The smaller ones are to numerous to track. Now, some of these smaller impacts we can survive, once again, depending on the size. We could have something like the volcanic winter mentioned earlier except this is called an impact winter. Same results, just a different name for the cause. This threat is very possible and eventually probable at some point.

Artificial Intelligence/Nano Technology: This event is more theoretical than practical at this point in our technological development. Until we reach “technological singularity” and our thinking machines and computers become smarter than our programming and failsafe measures, we have no serious threat from AI to destroy our human civilization. Also Nano-technology is predicted for the future but the technology is just not upon us yet. Supposedly these microscopic robots can turn rogue and reduce all matter on the planet’s surface to gray goo. Sounds more science fiction than science. This is another instance to throw the bullshit flag and not worry about something that doesn’t exist, except in the mind of a pot smoking Hollywood screenplay writer. Like a ghost in the machinery, when I see it I’ll believe it possible and take the threat more seriously. No matter the outcome, the planet will survive without any problem. It’s the indentured servant of humanity vs. the master machine scenario that’s the issue. Possible and maybe probable…just not anytime soon.

Pandemic/Biological Warfare: This one is another of the more seriously probable events. Nature has a way of culling an animal population to get it to appropriate, balanced numbers that can survive and flourish in it’s environment. When the population get’s too large she’ll starve it back to the proper balance or introduce disease. Epidemics and Pandemics are nothing new to our history and is Nature’s way of culling our human herd. Almost everybody has heard of the bubonic plagues of medieval Europe, killing almost 25% of the population. Basically one in every four people died of the disease. And it’s still around. Even recently, in 1918, the Spanish Influenza killed 100 million people worldwide. And I am sure there are others throughout history. In our times, we have had the luxury of antibiotics to stave off infections and other nasty’s, keeping us out of the grip of pandemics. But Nature has ways of counteracting our cleverness. Scientist’s are now seeing a rise in antibiotic resistant strains of viruses and bacteria which could leave our medicines and treatments useless to combat the threat. Also Nature has a way of causing viruses and bacteria to mutate allowing them to change their way of attacking us, as well as being shielded from the medicines. So this event is very possible and eventually probable at some point in our future. Is it a planet destroyer? No. Planet will be just fine. Is it a mankind destroyer? Possibly. But not an extinction event for the species. And there is no such thing, or ever will be such a thing as a Zombie Apocalypse. That’s just being stupid. There has never been a virus or bacteria that has caused humans to crave eating brains of another human. Pot smoking Hollywood screenwriters trying to make a buck again. To me personally, the possibility of a pandemic or epidemic is the most serious threat of them all because we have seen it too may times before, and Nature is diligently working against us to whittle our numbers down.

Nuclear Holocaust: This threat has been around since World War II. Yes, there are enough warheads to throw the planet into a nuclear winter, like a volcanic or impact winter, but it would take them all exploding during a single series of events to do it. Only two countries have the vast majority of the world’s stockpiles. And the possibility of that happening has been dwindling since the Cold War. Could it happen? Sure. Why hasn’t it happened in the last 70 years then? Because leaders and politicians know humanity will not stand for it. Their perceived use has become so caustic, that any leader that uses just one will surpass Hitler as the most despised and reviled man in history. And the country he represents will be ostracized from the human community. Even if a terrorist cell used one, it would cause only localized destruction not a worldwide event. They have become weapons of bluff and bluster with little chance of realistic use any more.  If that were not so, they would have been used somewhere already by someone. And remember, for a world destructive event, it will take nearly all of the warheads being utilized to catapult us into a nuclear winter. The U.S. and Russia would pound each other with conventional weapons before they would revert to nuclear weapons. And the winning power would never push the loser to the point of all out launch. Mutually assured destruction theory. This event is possible of course but I personally don’t think it’s really probable anymore.

Alien Invasion: I’m not even going to give this any credence or thought. When intelligent, combative, war-mongering, resource stealing life forms from another planet’s civilization appear, we’ll give this consideration. We haven’t even found microbes on other planetary bodies so don’t bother looking for destructive battle fleets from other worlds. Oh, by the way, if you see a UFO flying around I’ll bet you the farm it has a government contract funding it.

Massive Solar Flare: This is another possible but not probable event. A solar flare of a magnitude large enough to strip the Earth of it’s atmosphere is so rare as to be not worth the calculation.

So there you have the choices. Most of them are not even probable events. However, pandemics, super volcanoes and asteroid/meteor strikes are viable possibilities and we should take those threats very, very seriously. Are they common? No, just the opposite. Super volcanoes and asteroid impacts are rare events but when they can happen, the results can be catastrophic. Pandemics and epidemics on the other hand are not as rare and we need to prepare for the next one very sensibly. So the next time you hear one of the modern commercial prophets of doom saying the end could be near at any minute and you need to buy their survival products right now or soon you’ll be eating your grand babies, naked and in the dark; you can least look down your nose at them in righteous condemnation and say with confidence: “You’re an idiot!”


The Reek of Cologne

When are male Syrian and Pakistani migrants to Germany going to learn that you never disrespect the home you’ve been invited into? When you flee one country and culture to another, you had better seriously act appropriately where you have been given sanctuary.  But they just couldn’t do it, and now they are facing the wrath of the local citizens.

Now this all came to a head on New Year’s Eve in the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany, where over 500 criminal complains have now been filed over events where young women were sexually assaulted, raped and robbed in the square outside Cologne’s cathedral. The City of Hamburg reports over 130 complaints have also been filed for similar New Years Eve assaults. Officials have reluctantly admitted that, according to the reports, it looks as if people with a migration background, meaning traditional Muslims, were almost exclusively responsible for the criminal acts. Yes, Pakistan and Syria are primarily Muslim countries.

Yesterday, local “hooligans, rockers and bouncers” in Cologne linked up via Facebook forming vigilante groups and went on a rampage in the streets promising an “orderly clean up” of the old town center in their “manhunt.” I don’t want to condone violence but can you blame them? The police have been trying to investigate the complaints but it is a daunting task based on the number of assaults. And if my mother or sister or daughter or aunt or cousin was subjected to this kind of assault, I WOULD be condoning violence and be out there with the hooligans, rockers and bouncers showing this sort of behavior is not going to be tolerated.

Even in America, if women walk by a group of young Muslim men, they are sometimes verbally harassed by sexual innuendo and unwanted advances, which is caused by the view and belief these men have of western women. If they are not Muslim then they are viewed as tramps and whores, and aggressive sexual behavior is therefore acceptable. Unfortunately, this same view must be held by non-Muslims as well. Men who must unconsciously feel sexually inadequate and have to show this kind of childish, criminal behavior by catcalls and unwanted sexual advances.  Bottom line: it’s not acceptable anywhere in the civilized world.

And if I were a sexually inadequate male migrant from a Muslim background or country living in  blissful sanctuary, one of the last places on Earth I would be trying to sexually assault, rape and/or rob women is in Germany. This is a country that is historically not known for playing well with others, and their feeling on race relations is very clear. The Germans are a proud, industrious people who will reach out and retaliate, with great relish and sincerity, especially when they feel violated.

And a side note for the guys who took part in the New Years Eve debauchery this year, or any other degenerate who has mischief on his mind, Hitler’s autobiography and manifesto on race relations “Mein  Kampf” has started being published again after 61 years.

And again has become an almost immediate best seller in Germany.


Sean “El Moron” Penn

Did anyone read my post on 01/02/2016 about Celebrities Who Must Comment on Events? Well, their leftwing poster child, Sean “El Moron” Penn has just gone a step beyond that and has laid down with the most dangerous dog on the planet, in his own doghouse, heard his barks and possibly led the dog catchers to his lair. Now guess who’s going to get fleas.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was not only the world’s most wanted criminal since his spectacular, high-profile escape from Mexico’s most secure prison, he’s the undisputed leader of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel. The guy is a king-pin that runs an organization that has probably killed more people than malaria. Most of us will not even go to Mexico on vacation, much less to meet and hang out their most notorious drug lord. But El Moron couldn’t resist that opportunity.

Now let’s be brutally honest. The Mexican government is not known for being the most upright and uncorrupt organization in the west, but they have seemed to have sincerely been trying to catch El Chapo, with the United States breathing down their necks I’m sure, for six months now. El Chapo is very rich, and has a resourceful and powerful criminal organization behind him who are absolutely ruthless, and creative, in meeting their goals.  Then along comes a simple Hollywood actor who is indirectly contacted via intermediaries, and invited to come down to the jungle last October for a chat, which morphed into a Rolling Stone Magazine interview. Supposedly, the meeting was to be part of a research project to develop a Netflix-style drama about El Chapo and his prison break as well. It seems like the narcissistic El Chapo wanted to be a movie star and follow in the footsteps of Pablo “El Padrino” Escobar, who if you recall was gunned down by law enforcement officials in Columbia in 1993.  Quite dead.

At some point in this, did anyone in the El Moron community or the Rolling Stone set, ever think of contacting law enforcement and let them know what was brewing. Maybe they did and we just don’t know yet. But most likely they did not, and a lot of cronies will be tap dancing on land mines in the near future as a result. Remember, we are talking about ruthless people here. El Moron has eloquently stated he didn’t want to turn El Chapo in as he “didn’t want to f**k with his trust.” Well, El Chapo, always maintaining he was just a farmer, admitted to El Moron “I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world. I have a fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats.”

Well, guess who just became the El Prosecution’s star El Witness when El Chapo is extradited to El America to face trial.

I can understand why Hollywood is so desperate to find new material to do movies and TV shows on because they have pretty much addressed every script that can be done intelligently. And I realize the entertainment industry is a cut-throat business, including lowly magazine articles. But to begin dealings with a notorious drug lord over a possible movie deal and/or a couple of pages of type. You people should have known you are playing with the monarchs of throat cutting, and no star-power in the world can save you from their scrutiny.

Sean, you should have suppressed the ego, avoided the moment and just stayed home.

I would suggest a low-profile existence in a mountain fortress somewhere is advisable at this point.



John Joe Gray

Today, I was reading an article about a man from Trinidad, Texas named John Joe Gray. Now old John Joe is a gray bearded grandfather who lives on his 47 acre property, without electricy and running water, with his children and grandchildren growing their own fruits and vegetables. John Joe and his brood became possibly part of the longest, strangest and, thankfully, bloodless armed stand-off in American history. The Henderson County Sheriff, Ray Nutt, chose not to send in deputies to arrest John Joe because he feared them getting killed.

Now this newest episode of wierdness in the old west started in 1999 when John Joe was pulled over by a trooper for speeding in nearby Anderson County. State troopers saw high-powered rifles and anti-government materials in the car, but Gray refused to get out. See old John Joe didn’t have a license to carry those rifles. When the troopers tried to remove him from the car, he allegedly bit one trooper’s hand and tried to grab his gun. Then after his arrest John Joe showed up in court for a bail hearing for his third degree felony assault on a police officer, at which time County District Attorney Doug Lowe told the judge he feared Gray was a major threat because troopers found diagrams of plans to blow up a Dallas overpass.

John Joe then paid his bond, left the courthouse and went home.

Old John Joe refused to go back to court to answer for his crime, and he, his family and friends armed themselves with pistols and rifles, and patrolled the grounds daring the police to come and get them. So for the last 16 years John Joe has been on a self-imposed “house arrest” within the confines of the Gray family perimeter. Law enforcement just figured it wasn’t worth the effort, or possible price, to go get him so figured they would wait him out thinking he would emerge sooner or later.

John Joe was quoted “We’ve never shot no one yet. But they know, if they come on us, they’ll be surprised what’s going to happen to them.” Thankfully proper English is not a crime or new charges would have to be imposed and the stalemate would be continuing.

However, the charges were dropped in 2014, although the court system didn’t think it necessary to tell law enforcement, or the Gray’s, about it. The sheriff was rather cavalier saying that John Joe has been in prison out there himself, in his opinion, for years. He felt it took pressure off police and the Gray family. So now everybody’s happy and life goes on as normal in Trinidad, Texas.

But what ho! I would like to point out a couple of things that I noticed while plundering through this article. First point being old John Joe had unlicensed, therefore, unregistered high powered rifles in his vehicle. Second point being, while refusing to get out of the vehicle when asked by law enforcement, he tried to (third point) grab a troopers weapon from his holster and then he (fourth point) bit the officer on his hands. Please note that the officer’s weapon was in the holster and therefore non-threatening. And the biggest, most unbelievable point, the officers found anti-government materials as well as diagrams to blow up a Dallas overpass. What?

Now here is the pièce de résistance. The article shows several photos of John Joe and his family, overtly brandishing pistols and assault rifles, looking solemn, with signs in trees saying “Howdy Now Git” and another talking about tyranny dangling from a rope by a hangmans noose. Then there’s another photo of old John Joe Gray himself, in his cowboy hat and his long gray beard reaching his belly, blowing in the wind, proudly showing off his copy of the KORAN.


The Rise and Fall of Martin Shkreli

There is good news out there making it way around the world. One of the media branded “greediest men alive” has been brought down a peg or two. The infamous Martin Shkreli. Just who is Martin Shkreli you ask. He’s the kid that founded, and was the short-time CEO, of Turin Pharmaceuticals AG. He’s the greed-meister that obtained the manufacturing licence for the antiparasitic drug  known as Daraprim and raised it’s price by 5,556 per cent (from $13.50 to $750.00) a tablet. Daraprim is is a medication used for protozoal infections. It is commonly used as an antimalarial drug (for both treatment and prevention of malaria), and to assist in the treatment of HIV-positive individuals.It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines, the most important medications needed in a basic health system.  

The sad part is, if he would have raised it 200 or 300 per cent, nobody would have probably batted an eye.

Give’s you total confidence in the business of pharmaceuticals doesn’t it. This is just one of the most blatant cases in history of greed running rampant, that we know about. The pharmaceutical companies have always had their greedy fingers around our throats when it comes to the drugs we take. They have a huge lobbying syndicate influencing our elected officials, giving gifts and kickbacks and generally controlling our health. Shkreli is just their poster child who went too far, too fast.

Now here is the stinger to the whole matter. He wasn’t arrested for kiting the price of a drug that will help millions around the world, he was clipped for securities fraud from his ponzi scheme business practices. If you look into his past dealing, the guy would make the gangsters of the Prohibition Era proud. Rob Peter to pay Paul was his motto. He specialized in the pharmaceutical industry because thats where the big money fraud is. And he is just a little fish in that vast ocean.

Supposedly, if one of us poor, old normal citizens developed a drug in our garage that could benefit mankind as a whole, that would destroy all illness forever, then we would most likely make that drug available to the masses, cheaply as possible, as we picked up our Nobel Prize, and our place in history as one of mankind’s great benefactors. We do not dwell in the seedy world of profit that drives the medical and pharmaceutical companies.

As we now are forced to carry exorbitant medical insurance and extravagant drug plans just to get basic care, the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies are getting fat at our expense. When is somebody in the Congress, and the justice system, going to look at the system overall and say “No more! We have had enough!” We want health care for all so we can all be healthy, and live long and prosper.  Free health care and drugs subsidized by the government. Uh oh, then we are tap-dancing on the landmine of Socialism and we can’t have that manifesto bandied about.

So silly, immature, greedy, little Martin Shkreli will be thrown on the altar of the justice system and crucified for doing what the medical and pharmaceutical companies have been doing to us for a long time now. Thomas Jefferson once said “I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”

Well, I guess we have to start somewhere.