Actors, Oscars and Dancing Bears

Well, the Academy Awards has started it’s 2016 season with the typical over-rated hype, pompous ceremony and predictable dispute. There’s always a controversy that seems to lurk around “stage right”, like some phantom in the opera, usually based on a  perceived snub or imagined slight. Or maybe the host was too offensive or not humorous enough.  Or maybe some recipient said something, or didn’t say something in their acceptance speech. And this years pantomime promises to be no different as race bias has snaked it’s way in to the limelight again.

Let’s get to the bottom line here and call a duck a duck. This venue is nothing but an awards show for actors. Actors are simply entertainers, the same profession as dancing bears, strippers and clowns. The members of the “academy” just take themselves WAY too seriously. It may be a big deal to them being venerated by their peers, and the extra salary they can demand from the studios for winning, but to the average citizen on the street it literally means nothing if they are nominated, if they win or if they loose. (Note: I am not counting the lunatic fringe who creepily worship some entertainers as pseudo-deities.)

And of course, the latest contention unsurprisingly drags up the race card in that no African-American entertainers were nominated in any of the major categories. Now Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith and Spike Lee are going to boycott the ceremonies. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is their right not to go. I REALLY don’t think anyone will grieve their presence, and the line to the ticket office will stretch for miles as three seats just became available.

Instead of trying to place one’s race as the reason for no nominations, let’s invoke truth and place no Oscar worthy performances as the real reason for no nominations. Blow as much smoke as you like seemingly slighted instigators, but that’s your real issue here. Honestly, Spike Lee hasn’t made a decent movie in years. Jada Pinkett-Smith has never had a great performance. And if Willard “The Fresh Prince” Smith thinks he’s in the same acting category as Morgan Freeman, he’s lost his sanity.

So why are these three trying to create a controversy where none realistically exists. Should there be a category for African-American actors all to itself so they can always get some recognition? Then we will need a category for every other race, then religion, so on and so forth. Oh, how about an award category for just lack-luster performances. I know, we can just combine all the award shows and bring the Golden Globes, Golden Raspberry Award (Razzies), and all the rest into the fold as well making the whole circus a month long event. Better yet, let’s just make sure every entertainer alive on the planet gets an award so no ones feeling’s will be hurt, and their juvenile ego’s can survive until the next year.

Suddenly, the ridiculousness of it all comes into focus…and it’s just becomes laughable.

Like every year, I will not be wasting my time watching the Academy Award presentations. I personally find it tedious, pretentious and quite boring as simple entertainers parade themselves up red carpets like visiting Dignitaries of State while wearing fashionably overpriced flower sacks and pricey rocks eluded as jewelry draped over their anatomy to sit in an audience of other sycophants secretly hoping they are important enough to get a head shot from the nearest television camera which will boost their public prominence and persona whi

le making sure they do not pick their nose in front of a national audience of people who grossly wrap their pathetic lives around them based some desperate need for closure to an event that made them loose their identity and grasp at another’s life affinity.

As for truth to the dancing bears who get on this bandwagon…

Beware renown. Fame and infamy are branches cut from the same tree.




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