A Crypto Riddle For A Genius

You ever notice when a person starts going to college, they get all full of themselves and think they are smarter than everybody else? They’re always spouting off some intellectual masturbation they just learned in a class that day to make you feel stupid knowing you haven’t been exposed recently to the Russian plight of  blind peasants in the 16th century, or Friedrich Nietzsche’s ancient philosophy on incest with siblings. Well, everybody seems to think they are super smart, therefore, just to see if there are any intellectual giants out there, I have developed an encrypted riddle that I feel only a true genius (or genuii) can decipher. Just email me the one word answer to the riddle at www.thesatiriststew.com and you will not win squat…but will have the smug satisfaction that you broke the code and answered the riddle. Oh, by the way, the answer to the riddle is not in the cypher. You have to figure that one out on your own.

However, if you wish, I will make a post to all the social networks where I post blogs that you were the first person to solve the riddle where you will get some recognition and may get a reply from some lonely person who is looking for a genius just like you to meet and then can hook up and start seriously dating possibly making it all the way to matrimony where you’ll then have some spouse nagging you all the time with some kids where you will no longer have any time to decipher crypto riddles on the internet because you’ll be too busy having to work constantly to take care of and provide for your family and buy your kids useless Hoverboards and crap like that until you’re 65 and then live off a small pension and social security checks having to eat some kind of canned meat and moldy bread while drinking tap water. Then you can die. Cool huh?  Follow the white rabbit.Take the challenge family person to be!

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(And don’t try to use some fancy computer with suped-up algorithms to decipher it. I thought of that cheater…HaHA!)