A Bad Moon Rising

Sometimes you just get the feeling that there is a bad moon on the rise. It usually begins with that eerie feeling of a black cloud hovering over you until the hair on the back of your neck rises and a bizarre tingle runs up and down your spine. Is it just me or do other folks get that feeling as well? I don’t know what it is but I have learned over the years to take the feeling very seriously. Perusing through the news articles like I do, I begin to see events taking place that may have something to do with it. Let’s explore some of these current issues and see if that has the shivers a spinning.

Politics: Most of the primaries and caucuses for the 2016 Presidential Campaigns are over and it looks like Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee while Hillary Clinton will wrap up the Democratic ticket. How disappointing is this race going to be? We have a bratty, egocentric megalomaniac who is the closest thing to a card carrying Nazi that has ever run for public office heading up the right wing; and a known confusa-feminist, who is one step from an criminal indictment, heading up the left wing. Neither candidate is worth the trip to the voting booth where you will have to literally cast a ballot for the lesser of the two evils. No matter who wins the general election, we lose and now will have to endure at least four years of turmoil and bedlam.

North Korea: Here we have a murderous tin-pot dictator, Kim Jung-Un, who should be in a hospital for the criminally insane instead of in any kind of power position. He is seriously on the fast track to becoming a viable nuclear threat, and is working earnestly on the ability to spread those warheads halfway around the world. This guy must have a photo of Stalin somewhere in a shrine in his palace so he can bend over and worship that purging homicidal lunatic every day. If I lived on the west coast of the U.S. I would be watching this goon with great anticipation and dread. The really scary part is that China, who has had a stranglehold on North Korea since the ceasefire, is gravely concerned with his antics and foolery and is slowly losing control over him.

China: If you ever thought the U.S. or Russia or Europe or Africa or South America was weird, then China would be your huckleberry. They have one of the largest populations on the planet coupled with one of the strangest. Just read the news. They are still Communist but striving to be Capitalist while leaning toward National Socialism. They are just plain confused with what they are, and what they want to be. And their populace shows it by running around  like road lizards on hot pavement doing insane things .  They want to claim dominion over every bit of real estate in the Far East but have Russia to the north of them, Korea to the south, and Japan to the west saying they can’t have it, with America taking every opportunity to poke at them with a big military stick. We keep a fleet cruising in circles in the South China Sea daring them to come out and play. But we know, the bulk of their entire economy is dependent on U.S. consumers. Seriously, if Wal-Mart went bankrupt, China would fold like a house of cards and they would be back into the fiscal era of their ancient Ming Dynasty.

Russia: Vladimir Putin is a thug and a bully. He is crooked as a river and bold as an alligator. And he controls Russia with an iron fist. At the height of the Cold War, Russia could boast of a serious blue-water navy rivaling the U.S. Then during Glasnost and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, their military began to seriously decline as their navy began to rust away. But Vlad has  turned that corner and is revamping the navy again. He knows that if you’re going to be a serious global player at the chess board, you must rule the waves. They have a massive Army and a notable air force all ready, but the navy is the key to resurgence on the world stage. He has already done some questionable things in his neck of the woods, in the Ukraine and Crimea, and the rest of the world just stood around looking stupid. Putin has an agenda, and he is forty moves ahead of the West on this chess board.

I can see now why I have that prickly feeling working up and down my spine. Yep, there is definitely a bad moon on the rise. We have a bewildered and flustered China going deranged, a rootin-to

otin Fascist cowboy in Russia kicking sand in our faces and a unruly mentally degenerate child working on playing with nuclear toys in North Korea; while we will have pin our hopes on which political moron will win our Presidential election and get to deal with this cauldron of shit: The Darling of Benghazi or the apprenticed Artful Dodger of the Shady Deal.

Could always be worse. Obama could still be the President.



O.J. Simpson…Not Again !?!

It was over 20 years ago that we, the citizens of the United States, had to endure the most farcical travesty of judicial injustice in the history of the American legal system…The People of the State of California vs. Orenthal James Simpson. For those of us who were alive at the time of this trial, we now have the opportunity to relive it again except we have all the added interpretation, extrapolation, distorted spin and absurd fiction that drug-addled Hollywood screenwriters can concoct for the dubious “dramatic effect”. The FX Network has rehashed the event in a television series called American Crime Story: The People vs. O. J. Simpson. You would think they might try to get the name of the court case correct at least in the title. But this will just give you an indication of the mythical storyline this show will assuredly follow to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and to bolster the much relished weekly rating’s number.

Even back then, the whole affair was a cartoonish charade masquerading as a legal proceeding. Of course, the national news giants had to turn it into a media feeding frenzy trying to out do each other for the latest scoop and most tawdry tidbit of irrelevant information like putrid vultures circling an imminent battlefield. It was the first in a long line of following celebrity trials. Foolishly, for the first time cameras were actually allowed to roll into a courtroom to see the daily unfolding of motions, testimonies, arguments and the continual side-bar parleys. All the players strutting around trying their best to appear clever. And what a show it was!

Days turned into weeks which turned into months. And after a short while, you just got plain sick and tired of hearing about it!

Simpson had gathered what was called a Dream Team of big-name, high-dollar defense counsels consisting of the most infamous legal shysters, judicial flim-flam artists and courtroom divas that money could buy.  They were able to seat a mostly uneducated jury consisting of 9 blacks, 2 whites and 1 hispanic member, so you know Simpson had an unbalanced racial advantage at the onset. And the Dream Team hammered them constantly with complicated scientific evidence and verbal masturbation that only another lawyer could understand. The presiding Judge was weak. The Prosecution was inept. The cops might as well have been Keystone.

It became a daily water-cooler discussion topic across America, and the world, with supporters and opponents quickly dividing into two separate camps of guilt and innocence. And because he was a black man accused of killing two white people, the race issue surely raised it’s ugly head further polarizing the populace even more. Then it went to the next level of sensational. But still, it was a ludicrous trial and an even more ridiculous media driven display of how our judicial system can be easily manipulated by enterprising attorneys. It was wrong on so many levels.

In the end, there were two distinct camps: the Not Guilty advocates vs. the Guilty proponents, and tensions were very high in the verbal sparring between the two groups. All for nothing. It should have been irrelevant to everyone concerned except Simpson himself, and the families of the victims. But for years afterwards, feelings still ran deep over the trial and verdicts. It was close to becoming just a footnote of judicial history.

But now we get to relive it all over again. Hopefully, the latest FX rendition of the whole sordid affair will not make us all revisit the fiery emotions and fanatical positions of the witnesses of the original event. Or is that their intent? And hopefully, people who will now watch this fictional television show based loosely on sometime fact, will not perceive this as actual historical events. Or is that their intent as well? Surely we hate being used and manipulated like that. Surely we as a society are smarter than that. Surely.

It is not my intention to regurgitate the proceedings of the trial in this article. There is plenty of material out there for review if you have any kind of sincere interest in it. It was litigated, it is over and O.J. Simpson walked out of the courtroom literally getting away with murder…twice. It sadly reminds me of the last four words of our once stolid Pledge of Allegiance: “and justice for all”. In America at that exact point in our history, justice officially became a perception instead of a right. And it has now become doctrine instead of farce.

You know, sometimes Hollywood should not be in control and allowed to make supposedly historical entertainment without constraint. The lazy and ignorant will perceive it as fact…when it’s such a lie to us all. I am beginning to despise the entertainment industry for what it is…and for what it does.

I do note they will not revisit their own perversions and  scandals with such fervor.




And With The Whole World Watching

The Republican’s race for their parties presidential nomination has now officially become a three-ring circus of clowns, posers and buffoons. Donald Trump has literally turned this arena into one of the most humiliating and embarrassing events for the American people in our illustrious, and sometimes dubious, history. Too much of a crass television personality underhanded businessman and not enough savvy polished politician. In fact Trump, Cruz and Rubio have all worked hard to become the new three stooges of modern politics. It’s like watching adolescent boys try to out shout each other in a “Yo Mama is so fat…” schoolyard pissing match. And to bring up hand size in direct relation to penis size is unbelievable in a serious political debate. Absolutely unbelievable! Doesn’t the Republican candidates realize that the entire world is watching this farce unfold and that they are a direct reflection of us? We are becoming the laughing stock of the globe based on their infantile immaturity, and the real battle for the Presidential election hasn’t even started yet.

I have said before and I will say it again: Donald Trump is the most dangerous person to ever run for the Presidency of the United States of America. And if he is elected, we will have nothing but chaos and confusion and turmoil during his term. What little international prestige we have left will be totally extinguished by his inexperience and his antics. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are light-weight politicos punching way above their class, and it shows. Neither is Presidential material. John Kasich doesn’t even seriously count as a player in the game. And the GOP debate in Detroit again shows once again that the Republican Party has degenerated into an antiquated entity who has lost touch with modern reality. Their rogue elephant Trump is plowing his way over the rest of the candidates, and the Party itself, like a drunken sailor in a brothel. And he is going to be their candidate for the general election in November. This joke is now officially out of control, and no one is going to be laughing soon…but the whole world will be watching.

Then the Democrats have their mouthy prima-donna Hillary Clinton sharpening her fangs, and you know she will be relentless berating the Republican contender. She is so confident and full of herself, it is nauseating. I had hoped Bernie Sanders would come from behind and be the proverbial underdog taking away the crown from this unethical prom queen, but I don’t think he will muster the momentum to do it. Too bad, it would have been glorious watching  Clinton’s shady career go down the political toilet.

Soon the two party hopefuls will begin fighting with each other for the highest office itself, and the whole world will continue to watch the debacle as Trump and Clinton go at each other in a vicious toe-to-toe slugging match. You know they will too. If they can vilify and destroy their own party members for the nomination of their party, what do you think will happen when the whole enchilada is on the line? The head of the most powerful nation in history and the leader of the free world will come down to a vote between two egocentric megalomaniacs who are so power hungry they will willingly pervert their honor, stifle their self-respect and do anything they can to win. And the media will be loving it as that are sitting on the sidelines, drinking the kool-aide during the whole thing. How humiliating it will be for us, the American citizen.

And the whole world will be watching.